A Night (or Day) On… Emerald Hill

Summer Break is upon us.  As some venture off to exotic destinations or perhaps say goodbye forever, many members of the SAS community, done with homework and weeknight curfews, will find more time to explore the city they call home.  In a series of location-inspired to-do lists, A Night In…” hopes to push you out to explore and expand your appreciation for all this island has to offer.

Singapore is known for having an extremely culturally diverse population. People from all over the world move and travel here, and bring their traditions and values with them. Emerald Hill encompasses Singapore’s unique dynamic with a mixture of local and western influences. Considering its proximity to Orchard Road, you would think that Emerald Hill has its share of designer stores and a highly commercialized aesthetic. However, the reality is a far more traditional and cozy one. This historic street has retained its heritage-style architecture and Peranakan history, sometimes with a modern touch.

Traditional Peranakan architecture has been restored and incorporated into various stores and eating joints. Photo courtesy: Google Images

For some insta-worthy backgrounds, Emerald Hill is definitely one to check out. Former historic buildings have been impeccably restored and provide for great backdrops for those photos with a vintage vibe. The Peranakan architecture is known for its eclectic style and bold color choices, along with highly decorated doors and windows. One doesn’t have to look very hard to find a cute spot for senior portraits or a casual photoshoot.

With its historical background, Emerald Hill has been woven into Singaporean pop culture and is becoming increasingly popular among local and expat youth. Popular theatre productions, including “Emily on Emerald Hill”, have brought even more attention to colorful street.

With increasing popularity also comes companies in search of new and exciting business ventures. Many traditional homes on Emerald Hill have been converted into unique shops, restaurants, and commercial enterprises. Popular stores include the “One Price Store.”  a fine souvenir shop specializing in local antiques like marble dragons, snuff bottles, and jade jewelry. Although the name may just be for the sake of nostalgia, prices remain reasonable and the items sold are of very good quality.

The eating joints located on Emerald Hill are all extremely unique and have their own style and individual sense of creativity

When you work up an appetite, the eating joints located on this street are all extremely charming and have their own style and individual sense of creativity. Whether it be laid back pub-style dining at Ice Cold Bar or Asian fusion food available at Black Nut, there are small and large venues to cater to whatever craving arrises. Despite most of the bars and cafes being individual eateries, there are a few restaurant chains that have opened on the street as well—Blu Kouzina and Cold Stone, to name a few.

For a culturally immersive and vibrant experience, a trip to Emerald Hill is one you won’t regret!


Author: Avanya Rao

Avanya Rao is a Senior who has attended SAS for the past twelve years. This is her second year reporting for The Eye. When not taking videos of her dog, you can find Avanya crying in romantic comedies, spending time with her friends and family, and annoying her pals by losing snapchat streaks. She can be contacted at rao32417@sas.edu.sg.

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