A Night On… Haji Lane

Summer Break is upon us.  As some venture off to exotic destinations or perhaps say goodbye forever, many members of the SAS community, done with homework and weeknight curfews, will find more time to explore the city they call home.  In a series of location-inspired to-do lists, “A Night In…” hopes to push you out to explore and expand your appreciation for all this island has to offer.

Here are 7 must-sees of Singapore’s funky and exciting, Haji Lane:


The most fascinating coffee shop in Singapore where you can drink your selfie (literally). After choosing a type of coffee, you take a selfie on the store’s mobile device, and it gets printed on the foam of your coffee. You would think that at such a unique place like this, the coffee wouldn’t be as good. I can tell you now, that is incorrect. I enjoyed my caramel macchiato just as much as I enjoyed drinking my selfie!


In the same way that mountain bikes are made for mountainous riding, Tokyobyke is designed for biking around Tokyo. The store, now in many different countries such as Melbourne, Berlin and now Singapore, inspires its riders to explore their cities by bike. The multitude of colors and designs on the bikes are out of this world and turn recreational equipment into a fashion accessory.



FUNQ certainly resembles its name – it’s a funky and lively restaurant in the heart of Haji Lane. Its plethora of decorations and artwork makes the place more vibrant and welcoming to its tourists. At night, there are live musical acts which brighten the restaurant’s atmosphere. Enjoy a cup of coffee while feasting your eyes on the remarkable street art.

4. MOOSH Softserve

An incredible and extremely delicious ice-cream house, ranging in flavors from cheesecake to odeh-odeh. In correlation with Singapore’s warm and tropical weather, tourists never cease to resist a soft and scrumptious ice-cream from MOOSH.

5. TATTOO by Mandala


This one is for all you angsty teenagers out there! Go and rebel away at TATTOO by Mandala, a parlor that shatters the boundaries of art. Imagination and creativity are heavily respected here, and their minimum pricing for tattoos starts at SGD150.


An exquisite Mexican restaurant; it’s juicy and full of flavour! The interior design and music will make you feel as if you are on the streets of Cabo. The service is fantastic and as soon as you enter the restaurant, you are blessed with a wonderful greeting from the owner. The food is absolutely incredible, and I would strongly recommend the chicken quesadillas – they are to DIE for!


No, this is not an actual salad eatery, despite its name.  It’s a quirky and unique clothing shop. It has a distinct monochrome scheme and a nice selection of leather goods and attire such as dresses, scarves and shoes. The interior design is very girly and modern, and it has done so well in its recent years in Singapore, that it has extended its goodness up to its second floor.


Author: Nerina Vassiliadis

Nerina Vassiliadis is a senior who has been attending SAS for two years. This is her first year being part of the Eye! Her hobbies include making films, acting, directing, watching tv shows (specifically Friends) and movies, and spending time with friends and family. She can be contacted at vasileiadi48426@sas.edu.sg

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