Thoughts Every Girl Has of Graduation

As the year draws near to a close and graduation is upon us, it’s not only a visible commotion but also inside our minds. Especially from a girl’s perspective. These are the thoughts that usually come to mind before and during the June 6th ceremony.

  1. Picking out a dress to wear

We know that our gown is going to basically cover the whole dress. But isn’t a good excuse to buy new clothes? I hope another girl doesn’t get the same dress as me.

  1. Shoes

Wedges? Stilettos? Flats? Which one would match the dress AND help me not fall walking across the stage to get my diploma?

  1. Makeup/Hair

I want my makeup to look natural and elegant, but also make my eyes pop. Of course, I got to leave my hair down so I don’t look bald with my cap on.

At the Venue…

  1. Pictures!

Okay, I need to get photos with everyone! I hope I don’t look bad in them, I want to post one on Instagram.

  1. Commencement

This is really happening. Oh my God. I wonder what the senior video is going to be like. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to listen to Mr. Coppell roast us.

  1. Watching people walk across the stage

This is taking forever, but I literally cannot wait to get my diploma. Half of my grade just graduated… I really wish I won’t fall.

  1. After getting diploma

What just happened…

“Congratulations Class of 2018, you’ve (almost) made it!”

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Author: Kristen Chan

Kristen Chan is a first time reporter for the SAS Eye! This is her sixth year at SAS and is now a senior. She was born and raised California but moved to Singapore when she was twelve. In her free time she is either golfing or dancing. Otherwise she is happily in her bed watching Netflix because of “cancelled” plans, watching dog videos while constantly asking her dad about how much she wants one, and spending time with her family. She can be contacted at

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