Talents of SAS: Serena Brown

Eleventh grader, Serena Brown was introduced to jump roping five years ago when she joined it as a club in Bermuda. Thereby her love for jumping rope was born. Through the many places Serena has lived since Bermuda, she never let go of her talent, taking part in many competitions. Here’s a video of Serena talking about how her talent for jump roping was born.

Author: Aditi Balasubramanian

Aditi Balasubramanian is a senior at SAS and one of the Chief Copy Editors for The Eye. This is her fourth year at SAS but she has lived in Singapore her whole life. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading and watching "Gilmore Girls"--which may have fuelled her interest in being a journalist. She loves anything with chocolate in it and Indian food. She can be contacted at balasubram47401@sas.edu.sg.

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