SAS Steps Up to the “Invisible Box Challenge”

It seems like in the day and age we are living, some new sensation is always going viral. Whether it’s a meme, a tweet from the president, or some type of physical challenge, there is always some craze circulating around the internet, giving people some new challenge to attempt or to talk about. In the past months, the “Invisible Box Challenge” has taken the internet by storm.

There was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where a person would pour a bucket of ice water on their head before nominating three friends to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s. Then the mannequin challenge, where people would freeze what they’re doing and pan the room to the tune of Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”.

The concept of The Invisible Box Challenge is simple, the execution not so much. The participant takes a step forward into the air with one leg, as if they are putting their foot onto an “invisible box” before taking their back leg passed it without disorienting their body.

There’s a common theme between these internet challenges. No requirement is needed in terms of stature, language or anything else. Any able-bodied human being should be able to do this. But, as the video above demonstrates, not all of us can.  At least… not convincingly.

Despite how much the internet may be a scary, dangerous place, time and time again it seems to unite people through pointless but nonetheless fascinating phenomenons like this one.  Might you invent the next challenge?


Author: Jai Gupta

Jai is a first year Eye reporter and is in his sophomore year. This is his ninth year at SAS. He divides his free time between listening to his meticulously selected playlist on Spotify, and watching soccer with his Golden Labrador, Rico. He can be contacted at

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