Why Big Brother U.S. (TV Show) is Binge Worthy

What is Big Brother?
Big brother U.S. is a reality game show series that streams every summer on CBS: an American commercial broadcast television network. The series follows a group of contestants (house guests) who live together for 2 – 3 months (depending on the season) in a custom-built home under constant surveillance. Similar to George Orwell’s Book “1984”, the series is essentially an adaptation where the houseguests are in complete isolation from the outside world and can have no communication with those outside the house. The contestants give up their summer to compete for a $500,000 grand prize. The winner of the show is determined through weekly competitions and evictions until there are 2 finalists. How the winner is determined is based on their houseguests vote on finale night on who they think played the game better.

So …… Why should you watch Big Brother?  Here are 10 reasons:
1. The houseguests
The show would not be a success without a diverse group of house guests. Every season, new players enter the house and many of them bring something new to the show. However, sometimes, Big brother loves to pull tricks and go to the extent where returnees, “veterans” as the houseguests refer to them, enter back into the house, stirring up more trouble in the game. The complex mix of personalities in the house allows the show to thrive, increasing the show’s daily viewers annually.

2. The House
Unlike regular houses, the Big brother house is designed and decorated differently each season with a theme. Usually, the theme foreshadows the twist that will be revealed later on in the season. Aside from that, the Big brother house is cozy and is well equipped with facilities such as a swimming pool, a pool table, a hot tub, and gym equipment. A home away from home, the producers make it their mission to make the houseguests feel as comfortable and cozy as one should be.

Big Brother season 8 House. Photo credit: Big Brother CBS

3. The Drama
Who doesn’t love a show with drama? Well, in the game of big brother, a drama is what keeps the players going. It doesn’t take long for the drama to happen in the big brother house, in fact, sometimes tension forms within the first few hours. But what’s gets even more exciting is further on into the game when a person’s true colors really show. Although easy to avoid in the outside world, lying, deceiving, backstabbing, and trash talking can become a normal behavior in the house.

4. The Showmances
Moving away from the big brother drama is the happier side of things – romance. Although the main purpose of being on Big Brother is to win half a million dollars, sometimes the houseguests get slightly distracted and relationships are formed. The crazy thing is many of these relationships aren’t just summer flings but in fact have led to many of the couples continuing their relationship outside of the house. Some of them are still together today!

4. The Competitions
One key element to Big Brother is the numerous competitions that the houseguest must part-take in. In each episode, there are 2 main competitions: The head of household (HOH), and The Power of Veto. The HOH competition is the first competition to take place at the start of each week. The winner of the competition will be given full immunity and total power over the house, making decisions such as nominating two house guest for eviction thus benefiting themselves and/or their alliance in the game.

The power of Veto competition, as explicit as it sounds, allows one to veto or remove one of the nominees from eviction if they choose to do so. Both the nominees, the HOH and 3 randomly picked houseguests are required to participate in this competition. If either 1 of the nominees wins, they can use the veto and save themselves from eviction, however, if the HOH wins, he/she may choose to leave the nominations the same, leaving the 2 nominees eligible for eviction. Each competition is different in that some require more mental skill while others require more physical skill, therefore you can never be too certain on who will win.

Big Brother season 17 house guests playing in the HOH “Cliffhanger” Competition. Photo credits: Monty Brinton (CBS Broadcasting)

6. The Twists
With the game of Big Brother, there always comes a sense of unpredictability and uncertainty, and although winning competitions is as stressful as it is, the revelation of a twist is just as unnerving. Within each season, there is always a twist that can either hurt or help a houseguest and as each season progresses, the twists become more offsetting. However, the houseguests are constantly reminded about the motto that follows Big Brother …..

“Expect The Unexpected.” – Julie Chen (Host)

Both Liz and Julia were part of Season 17’s Twin Twist. Both girls played the game as one person for the first couple of weeks but later played togther when jury week began. Photo credits: Big Brother CBS

7. The Alliances
To survive the game of Big Brother, you must align yourself with someone who you trust and will carry you further into the game. By forming an alliance, you are generating numbers (votes) and security in the game. The great thing about alliances is you get to witness the schemes and the deception that occurs; it is intriguing to see who will lie, who will backstab and who one will trust. A great alliance is one that is able to manipulate the other houseguests without exposing their intentions. If you are able to carefully execute your plan without leaving blood on your hands – deflecting the attention from you onto someone else – you will be victorious in the game of big brother.

8. Zingbot
The Zingbot 3000 is a huge robot that visits the house midway through the season to host the power of veto competition. Zingbot first made his appearance in Season 12 and has ultimately become an icon in the world of Big Brother U.S. with his notorious insults of each houseguest, ending each one with his catchphrase, “ziiiiinnnnggg!”

9. The Have Nots
The Have/Have Not is a small Competition that determines which houseguest will have to endure the worst possible conditions for a period of time while living in the house. Although not as critical than the veto or HOH competitions, the houseguests still have to apply their physical and mental skills in order to prevent themselves from being a Have Not. The Have Nots would have to eat nothing but slop while the Haves will continue to eat their usual amenities. The Have Nots also have to endure sleeping in the uncomfortable Have Not room while the Haves will continue the pleasure of sleeping in their soft comfortable beds.

Season 16’s Have Not room. Photo credits: Big Brother CBS

10. The jury house
The jury house is probably the peak of the entire series. The first few houseguest, after getting evicted, are immediately sent home. The remaining 9 houseguests, however, once evicted, will enter the jury house and become jurors for finale night. They are still prevented from being in contact with the outside world, however, while in the jury house, they are given updates on the game through DVDs delivered by the houseguest evicted that week. Secrets and alliances are revealed and chaos erupts. Sometimes what is discussed in the jury house may change a houseguest’s perspective on another houseguest, either better or worse. When it comes down to finale night, the juror’s have to cast their vote on who they feel deserves to be the winner of Big Brother.

So, if you have become accustomed to binge-watching shows on Netflix and have come to the point where one episode per week of your current favorite show isn’t cutting for you, or you simply have watched everything there is to watch, Big Brother is the perfect solution. Although Big Brother streams only in the U.S., the episodes are never unavailable. To watch the show, just go to your google search engine and look up the episodes. Multiple sites will show, consisting of episodes from the previous seasons and the current season. This way, you will always be absorbed in the action and kept up to date on the house guests.

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