Meet the SAS Students Producing Self-Made Hits

SAS Students have, for a while now, moved to platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify to upload and promote their original music creation. In the past, we’ve proudly hosted artists such as alumnus Harry Gascoigne, alias HRRY, who produced music and created music videos to capture his experience living in Singapore and attending SAS. Current seniors Astract Enembe and JJ Tanaka have followed suit, creating singles and collaborating together under their artist names, Blackback Guerilla Fighter and Janaka.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 3.43.11 PM.png
The cover of the single, ‘Young Padawan’. Source: RHUSE, Spotify.

‘Young Padawan’ is Astract and JJ’s most recent collaboration with senior Robin Yoon, known as RHUSE, and former student Charles LaNasa, known as laomei. The growing trend of students sharing their music online has had a unifying effect on the community at SAS, and provided inspiration for others to take risks when it comes to artistic expression.

SAS Eye reporters Chloe Venn and Mi Le Jang spoke to Astract and JJ about their pursuits and aspirations with music production. To hear about Astract’s background, the meaning of his rapper alias and song lyrics, and the process of creating a song, you can watch the interview below.

Author: Chloe Venn

Chloe Venn is a senior and Chief Media Editor of The Eye. She’s from California and South Africa, but was born and raised in Singapore. She enjoys all kinds of movies, loves rainstorms, and has a terrible taste in music. Filmmaking, writing and Mandarin are her favourite subjects. You can contact her at:

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