Catalyst: Projects in Progress

Catalyst, a relatively new program at SAS, fosters project-based learning where students can choose a passion that they would like to pursue for a whole semester, or even beyond the course. Throughout this semester, they come up with an idea, find a mentor, and bring their plans to reality.

In the following video showcase piece, The Eye reporter Jonna Chen shares a glimpse into just a few of the 100 projects currently underway.   Presentations for all catalyst projects will be happening throughout the day next Monday, May 21st, and are open to the public.  Step in, listen, and get inspired!


Author: Jonna Chen

Jonna Chen is a first-year reporter for The Eye and this is her third year in Singapore. Currently a junior at SAS, she can be found stressing over a formative quiz or offering friends goldfish and pretzels during break on a normal school day. Once at home, she multitasks by doing homework while editing her Spotify playlists, tagging her friends in memes on Facebook, and watching Worth It on Buzzfeed. Her phone always being on silent causes her to miss all her friends' incoming phone calls, but she can be contacted at

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