Talents of SAS: Alice Harvey

Alice Harvey, currently a senior at SAS, has been part of the school’s art program since the beginning of her high school career. Since she was a young child, Alice devoted herself to a love of art and has worked towards further developing her skills. In this video, produced by staff reporter Han Sohn, listen to Alice’s story and how she discovered her passion, her experiences with the art community at SAS, and what she envisions for her future.

Author: Han Sohn

Han Sohn is the Chief Marketing Strategist for The Eye, and this is her second year working as a reporter for The Eye. Currently a senior, she is reaching her eighth year at SAS and fifteenth year in Singapore. At school, on most days, she can be found sharing relatable memes with her friends and updating posts on her bullet journing account @jahm.studies (in collaraboration with three other seniors). At home, she can be found binge-watching American Horror Story, or Black Mirror, or lying on her bed streaming the latest horror movies. She can be contacted at sohn31766@sas.edu.sg.

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