Life Hacks: A Top 10 of the Most Useful

1. Hang your sweater like this to prevent shoulder bumps:


2. How to not get your hands stuck in that Pringles can ever again:


3. Roll up your clothes to save space for your luggage:


4. How to eat a cupcake mess free:


5. Santa couldn’t do it better:


6. Who knew?


7. Bacon in every bite:


8. Way better:


9. Isn’t it annoying the ripping, thin strips, and ultimate waste that results from trying to find the “start” on a roll of tape?


10. I hate annoying chewy crusts; you do too


Author: Peerawit Thaipat

Peerawit Thaipat is a first-year sophomore reporter at The Eye. He has been in Singapore for eight years and this is his third year at Singapore American School. In his free time, Peerawit enjoys binge-watching Netflix with potato chips, hanging out with acquaintances, collecting hair products and picking up heavy iron objects in a room for a number of times. No, he does not do his eyebrows, no he does not use eyeliner and no he does not do his eyelashes. However, he spends about thirty minutes on his hair in the morning. You can contact him at

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