18 Things I Learned at 18

  1. I feel more like an adult
    • 18 just seems like a massive huge step from 17 – I feel like I’m more knowledgeable now. I’m also legal too.
  2. Always make time for family
    • I know, heading off to college in 4 months or so seems very exciting. But let us not forget the past 18 years of living with our parents who gave us everything. You will miss the food.
  3. Cherish moments with friends
    • At the same time, it’s important to spend quality time with the friends who have been by your side for maybe all of high school. It will be hard in college.
  4. People will let you down, but you’ll be better for it
    • Many times, there were times where I felt like my relationships with the people around me weren’t working out. Maybe it was me, but it was definitely eye-opening to see who which relationships I wanted to work out.
  5. Make time for yourself
    • Hanging out with friends is always appealing, but sometimes there are just times where I just want to snuggle in bed watching Netflix. It’s okay. There’s no need for FOMO. Just think about the time and money you save by staying home.
  6. No one actually cares
    • At the prime of high school social life, it seems the utmost importance to many to keep up with the trends whether it be fashion or memes. It’s called the spotlight effect; you think everyone is watching your every move, but in truth, no one really cares.
  7. You shouldn’t care either
    • Being conscious of every single move you make is so hard to maintain. You don’t need to wear makeup to go to the grocery store. I mean, if you like to do that, by all means, go for it, whatever makes you feel best. But the little things you pick out …
  8. Drink more water
    • I like to say that I have pretty clean hygiene. However, after a period where the skin on my face wasn’t in my favor, I knew it was because I was not drinking enough water. That time has changed.
  9. Admit that your thoughts are valid
    • There have been so many times where I stayed quiet because I was so conscious of what other people may think, but there comes to a point where you need to have a voice and it is okay to speak it.
  10. Don’t forget about your childhood
    • Turning 18 shouldn’t only mean acting like an adult. Sometimes all of us need a little break from being a young adult. It’s okay to allow for some mistakes and act like we were ten again.
  11. It’s not that deep
    • We are extra. And we know it. The tiniest rift in a friend group could mean the end of the world, but it really isn’t. We like exaggerating things, but sometimes it’s better to chill and let it go.
  12. Knowing how to survive on instant noodles
    • The amount of times where I became too lazy to go out to get lunch myself and settling at home to cook instant ramen is reassuring as I spend the next four years in college.
  13. Cherish the local flavors
    • I imagine next year without my chicken rice from FoodRepublic or at a hawker center and it’s just not okay.
  14. Stop being so hard on yourself
    • I loved blaming myself for my failures, but it only decreased my already low self-esteem. Thankfully, I realized this bad quality of mine and started to let things go and not dwell on the problem.
  15. Stop washing your hair every night
    • Maybe it’s because I’ve become too lazy to go out, I don’t really need to wash my hair. However, research has concluded that it’s actually not good to wash your hair every night as it damages the protein needed to grow out the hair.
  16. It’s the year for women
    • This year started off with the TIME’S UP movement that really impacted me– I became more aware of the never-ending list of gender inequality issues and how much society has ingrained sexist concepts. It’s time for a change.
  17. Know your news
    • It’s so important to realize the political and social issues at hand. As a young adult, knowing and understanding current news will not only make you smarter but it will make you talk smarter with other people.
  18. Everything happens for a reason
    • I like to believe every little bad thing or a good thing happens for a reason. Live life as it is, it will all be worth it in the end.

Author: Kristen Chan

Kristen Chan is a first time reporter for the SAS Eye! This is her sixth year at SAS and is now a senior. She was born and raised California but moved to Singapore when she was twelve. In her free time she is either golfing or dancing. Otherwise she is happily in her bed watching Netflix because of “cancelled” plans, watching dog videos while constantly asking her dad about how much she wants one, and spending time with her family. She can be contacted at chan44374@sas.edu.sg.

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