The Legacy of SAS

We can all say that as students of the Singapore American School, we are granted the ability to produce great masses of quality work and fortunate to belong to a community where hard work and self-driven individuals are highly acknowledged. Our school is well known as one of the best international schools in the country, perhaps in the world, attracting thousands of expats who all seem to maintain a proud and optimistic attitude towards the school. Every student or faculty who joins SAS is given the title of being an Eagle.  SAS Alumni, Mi Young Lee, recently told me:  “I still remember the vast opportunities provided in this school, unlike my new local school where not enough chances are given.”

The Mascot and Core Values featured in the SAS high school foyer.  Photo: Angela Hwang

“Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”

As a former student waitlisted from SAS, I personally feel a strong sense of connection as to what it was like to finally be accepted. Since I first attended this school as a second grader, the campus has developed significantly, but so has the program. It definitely was no surprise to me (nor for my peers) to reflect on the fact that this school has been around for sixty years, longer than Singapore has been an independent nation.

But the big question is: What separates our school from the rest? What makes SAS so extraordinary and able to flourish all these years?

Here’s what some of our current students and faculty had to say:


When SAS had just opened their door to students, it was a small school with just 105 registered students.  These pioneer pupils were taught in a large colonial-style bungalow located on Rochalie Drive, much different from where we are currently located at- Woodlands. As a small school, the SAS faculty tried to make the most use out of the space they had in the bungalow. The garage was used as their science lab; the servants’ quarters (of this colonial mansion) became the preschool, and assemblies were held in the dining room. Today the picture is quite different; we are a school divided into four large campuses: the Early Learning Center, the Primary School, the Intermediate School, and, of course, our beloved High School.

Main Administration Office of SAS. Pic Cred: Angela Hwang.

One of the definite reason why many students and parents are fond of the SAS program is that we offer a wide range of courses and programs, especially for high schoolers. With a variety of AP and AT courses at the highest levels and plenty of elective and exploratory courses in so many disciplines, the school leadership team continues to put hard work into making the system work while providing plenty of choice.  As SAS celebrated its 60-year anniversary, the school was proud to showcase a long and proud series of accolades demonstrating unequaled opportunities, modernization, high levels of achievement, and extraordinary care.  This, eagles, is our legacy.

Graphic taken from the school website, featuring the SAS mascot.

“Once an eagle, always an eagle.”

Author: Angela Hwang

Angela Hwang is a senior at Singapore American School and this is her third year working for The Eye as a Chief Marketing Strategist. She is thrilled to return back to journalism and wants to produce more exciting content for the upcoming year. Angela embraces her Korean background, but considers Singapore her home. Her hobbies include taking aesthetic photographs, collecting CDs from her favorite artists, and travelling to some of the most majestic places on earth. She can be contacted at

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