7 Unconventional Places In Singapore

Places You Have Never Seen Before

Singapore is filled with a plethora of well-known activities, restaurants and attractions. What people don’t know, is that there are a few unconventional places on the island as well.

As a senior this year (and in my third year in Singapore), I thought that I had toured all the places that this island had to offer. To my surprise, there are so many activities and locations that I have yet to discover. I only have a couple of months left in this country, and I want to see as much of it as I possibly can.

For other seniors here at SAS, and especially those experiencing ‘senioritis’ and its tendency to focus us on things outside of school, join me in exploring parts of Singapore we haven’t seen before: the unconventional parts. There are only so many times that we can visit Orchard Road, Marina Bay Sands, or Sentosa — places we all have been to countless of times. I want to try something new, you want to try something new.

So here are seven intriguing locations and activities waiting to be discovered:

1. Float In A Futuristic Space Pod

MET A Space Pod is a space themes boutique hostel that was founded in 2015. It provides a unique experience for tourists and is equipped with a color tv, a personalized safebox, mirrors with lights, and a mini fire extinguisher.



2. Visit A Library Speakeasy

This is a password-only hangout, with a door hidden behind a series of bookshelves. You can curl up with a good read while sipping on a wide variety of mocktails. Get the password off of the staff of Keong Saik Snacks next door.


Image result for library speakeasy singapore








3. Underwater Hockey

This is a sport that was invented in the 1950s,  in which players use snorkels to breathe on the water’s surface before diving into the game. This location invites all sports enthusiasts. There is even an Underwater Hockey Club!



4. Have A BBQ On A Donut Boat

Take your barbecue out to sea. In Sentosa’s Floating Donut Company, you can rent a donut-shaped boar with a BBQ grill in the center. It fits up to eight people and all food and drinks are provided in the cost. Make you next mini-party a floating one!



5. Art Jamming Session – Eat & Paint

Get creative! This is a three-hour canvas art jamming session valid for customers aged 14 and above. Here, you can create your own canvas masterpiece while sipping on a complimentary beverage and snacking on delicious appetizers.



6. Dine In The Dark

The most unique dining experience in Singapore, this novel approach to fine dining takes you on a journey through various tastes and textures. You are seated in the dark and you are served by blind or visually-impaired professional chefs.



7. Race On Water In A Human Hamster Ball

Make waves and compete with your friends on the water! Here you can rent ZOVB balls and race with a group of people. If you can maintain your balance, it is the closest thing to walking on water!



Author: Nerina Vassiliadis

Nerina Vassiliadis is a senior who has been attending SAS for two years. This is her first year being part of the Eye! Her hobbies include making films, acting, directing, watching tv shows (specifically Friends) and movies, and spending time with friends and family. She can be contacted at vasileiadi48426@sas.edu.sg

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