SAS Students Share Awkward SAT Stories

With the March SAT rearing its ugly head tomorrow, SAS students are feeling the tense atmosphere of either having to sit for your first SAT or otherwise bear the stress of shooting for a better score than your last. For the sake of relieving this pressure, we have compiled a list of funny (if slightly horrifying) SAT stories that students have personally experienced and were more than willing to share.

The Eye: Do you have any funny or horrifying stories surrounding the SAT? 

“I was trying to memorize vocabulary for the English section of the SAT, but my house was too loud, and I was too lazy to go out. My smart-self decided to go in the closet and magically got stuck in it…. for 7 hours. My mom found me when dinner was ready. The good news is that I memorized the vocabulary pretty well with no distractions.” -Anonymous Sophomore

“I overslept for my first SAT and had to skip breakfast. Strangely, out of the two attempts, that first SAT [on an empty stomach] ended up being my higher score.” -Senior Brady Baca

“I was writing my SAT Essay and I had cut it right down to the wire in terms of time. I had about 5 minutes left in the section and as I’m reading through, I realize that the author was a girl and not a boy. I had referred to her as “him” or “he” or “his” about 12 times in the essay. I had about 2 minutes left.” -Junior Bob Cheng

“I forgot the quadratic formula. I lost 20 points.” -Anonymous Senior

“I didn’t take the SAT, but I took the ACT at school. Basically, during the science section, a HUGE spider crawled onto my desk and onto my test paper. I couldn’t panic and disturb the others in the classroom, so I silently freaked out for a minute (precious time gone to waste), and I had to get the proctor to come by and kill it for me.   For the record, she was freaking out as well.” -Anonymous Junior

“Preparing for the SAT and realizing the test you signed up for was the ACT.” -Anonymous Junior

Author: Han Sohn

Han Sohn is the Chief Marketing Strategist for The Eye, and this is her second year working as a reporter for The Eye. Currently a senior, she is reaching her eighth year at SAS and fifteenth year in Singapore. At school, on most days, she can be found sharing relatable memes with her friends and updating posts on her bullet journing account @jahm.studies (in collaraboration with three other seniors). At home, she can be found binge-watching American Horror Story, or Black Mirror, or lying on her bed streaming the latest horror movies. She can be contacted at

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