Challenge: Guess the Childhood TV Show Theme Song!

Travel back to your childhood with The Eye.  Staff Reporters Avanya Rao and Sasha Quinlan pit teams of SAS students against each other to see whose childhood memories still reside in the corners of their academically-overcharged brains.  The rules: An iconic television theme song from classic kids shows of the early 2000s is played out loud for both teams to hear. The first team to shout out the correct answer wins!


Author: Avanya Rao

Avanya Rao is a Senior who has attended SAS for the past twelve years. This is her second year reporting for The Eye. When not taking videos of her dog, you can find Avanya crying in romantic comedies, spending time with her friends and family, and annoying her pals by losing snapchat streaks. She can be contacted at

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