The “Oatkie” Is Born

Coco & Frank is a premium cookie brand, dedicated to the art of baking with all-natural ingredients with lower threats of inflammation than traditional processed flours and sugars. Their flourless oatmeal cookies — Oatkies — are 100% gluten-free and complex carbohydrate-packed. If our spotlight below on this trendy delight makes your tastebuds tingle, head down to 12 Haji Lane to grab the healthiest cookies in town!

Author: Mi Le Jang

Mi Le Jang, currently a senior in SAS, is one of the Chief Media Editors. This is her 18th year in Singapore and her third year working for The SAS Eye. Although she was born in Singapore, she remains deeply attached to her hometown in Korea. She loves watching YouTube videos, experimenting with film and editing, traveling to new places, and spending time with her family members. She spends most of her time chilling in the library or media lab, but she can always be contacted at

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