Talents of SAS: Hannah Walton

Currently the SAS strings program’s concertmaster, Hannah Walton has been playing the violin since she was only four years old. In the last fourteen years, she’s been first chair of several orchestras, gone to AMIS and IASAS, and dedicated thousands of hours to one instrument. In this video produced by staff reporter Jonna Chen, learn more about Hannah’s violin career as she talks about how she got started, the obstacles she’s had to pass, and her achievements so far.

Author: Jonna Chen

Jonna Chen is the Editor-in-Chief of The Eye this year. This is her fourth year in Singapore (and SAS) and her second year working with The Eye. Currently a senior, she can be found stressing over a formative quiz or poking her friends on a normal school day. Once at home, she multitasks by doing homework, organizing her life in color-coded lists, and watching Worth It on YouTube. Her phone constantly being on silent causes her to miss all her friends' calls, but she can always be contacted at chen47991@sas.edu.sg.

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