SAS Votes: The 90th Academy Awards

The 90th Academy Awards will be broadcast live on March 5 at 9 AM SGT. Prior to its broadcast, The Eye wants you — the SAS student body — to vote for who you think should win at the upcoming ceremony.

The ballot attached will remain active until Tuesday, the 27th of February. We will then collect all of your votes and declare the winners on the following day. Make sure your vote gets in; you wouldn’t want your voice to be left out, would you?


Author: Aryan Varma

Aryan Varma is a senior and this is his second year as a reporter for The Eye. He has been at SAS for the past four years, and in Singapore for the past six. Regarded as the most perceptive film scholar at SAS by the school community, Aryan serves as the primary film columnist for The Eye. To call him a film-buff would be an understatement, for Aryan sets himself apart by his constant initiative to pursue film. If he isn’t building upon or showing off his remarkable knowledge of film history, he would be found listening to a wide-range of music. He can be contacted at

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