Who is your Wonder Woman?


Following Justice League’s release, Gal Gadot stood alongside stars like Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, and Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck. Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model who, before landing the role as Diana Prince or Wonder Woman, was mainly known for her supporting role in the Fast & Furious series as Gisele Yashar, being crowned Miss Israel in 2004, and for her service in the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat trainer.

Though Gadot broke through with her strong role in the Fast & Furious series, an extremely successful franchise, she became a household name only as recently as 2017. Initially making headlines for playing Wonder Woman in the character’s first film (and latest portrayal since 1974’s Lynda Carter), Gadot has since received an overwhelming amount of praise from critics and audiences internationally. The film, directed by Patty Jenkins, boasts an impressive 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Cementing her status as this generation’s Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot has immensely impacted the DC franchise. On top of its high ratings, the film’s box office reception racked up a total of 821.8 million USD securing its place as one of the top five most successful superhero films, passing Marvel’s Iron Man 3 and sitting behind DC’s The Dark Knight Rises. However, in spite of Wonder Woman’s legendary cinematic return and the film’s immeasurable triumph, Wonder Woman’s most significant impact can be found nestled in the hearts of women around the world.

Wonder Woman was first introduced to the public in a comic book series published by DC Comics in the early 1940’s. Since then, she has appeared in other comic books, television series, and most currently in films. Aside from being born of the Greek God Zeus and having been raised by the Amazonian queen, Queen Hippolyta, Wonder Woman most importantly symbolizes the power of women. With superhero abilities, like super strength and super speed, Wonder Woman truly portrays the feminine traits of strength, kindness, and empathy among men.

As I queued up to watch the highly anticipated film, I expected to find myself sitting through another typical superhero movie. However, within seconds I began to realize the depth and thoughtfulness of the film’s plot. As young Princess Diana ran through Themyscira copying the combat training of her elders, I saw not only the origin of Wonder Woman but where the true spirit of every little girl is born. As children look up to adults in search of guidance, it is up to us to model equality and good character.

Young Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Today, Wonder Woman characterizes the superhero image of an everyday woman. With her most current film adaptation, Wonder Woman has reminded audiences around the world of how heroic women are. Representing women with as much strength, ambition, and conviction on the screen, as they do off the screen, Wonder Woman has brought a new era for the role of women in media and popular culture.

Although Gal Gadot fits the comic book costumes of Diana Prince and Wonder Woman almost seamlessly, millions of women elsewhere also deserve the title of Wonder Woman. So I asked members of our SAS community that important question: who is your Wonder Woman?


Author: Renee Goh

Renee Goh is a Senior at SAS and a first year reporter of the Eye. She enjoys scrolling through memes and on occasion she likes to run, jump, and hurdle for the SAS Track and Field team. She eats açai bowls by the kilo, spends most of her time with her family, and wishes she was Wonder Woman. She can be reached at goh30416@sas.edu.sg

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