The Disney Challenge

We’re back from the holidays and the competitive spirit of SAS is still front and center.  The Eye reporters Kristen Chan and Renee Goh pit friends against each other to find out who truly is the most knowledgeable Disney Fan. 

The rules are simple: We play a popular Disney song for 10 seconds.  Whoever can guess the song name and what movie it comes from first, wins!

Author: Kristen Chan

Kristen Chan is a first time reporter for the SAS Eye! This is her sixth year at SAS and is now a senior. She was born and raised California but moved to Singapore when she was twelve. In her free time she is either golfing or dancing. Otherwise she is happily in her bed watching Netflix because of “cancelled” plans, watching dog videos while constantly asking her dad about how much she wants one, and spending time with her family. She can be contacted at

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