The time has come again. Just when we thought that this might be the first generation to avoid the dreaded plague, it crept in from the far corners of the globe, carried by unsuspecting SAS students and infiltrating the entire senior class as the second semester begins.  It will creep silently across the school, stalking the healthy, leaving no one unscathed. At first, it was a slow process, affecting just a few early (decision) patients. Others started to congratulate themselves on having escaped its deadly clutches. But it now strikes without warning and more victims will succumb. The first strains appeared in November and December, but as we enter the final stretch of our high school career, an epidemic is upon us.   

Common symptoms include unexplained fatigue, extreme laziness, zero motivation for finishing work, and little to no enthusiasm for showing up to school at all. Signs of affliction are a dazed look, unkempt hair and extreme dark circles – not quite zombies, but getting there.

The disease is known to be extremely contagious between seniors. So, if you are a Senior, be very, very careful. And if you are a Junior, watch the warning signs carefully, you could already be in the early stages.

Once infected, there is no known cure. Extreme caution is your only hope. If you think you may be affected, reach out for help. It may already be too late to save you but at least you will have company. So that you know you’re not alone, we’ve interviewed a few current victims to ask them about how this terrible disease has impacted their lives.

Do they see a way out or are they doomed to an unmotivated existence for the rest of their high school career? Only time will tell.

Produced by Hannah Terrile and Avanya Rao




Author: Hannah Terrile

Hannah Terrile is a senior and first year reporter for the eye. Born and raised in Singapore, she has attended SAS since preschool, but is originally from Boston. In her free time, Hannah can be found browsing online boutiques, at pilates class, and eating acai. She can be contacted at

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