Christmas in the Tropics

Perhaps it’s only good fortune that we come back to school with record-low temperatures that have granted a wintery vibe to the Singapore environs.  Still, a true “winter wonderland” (as depicted on holiday cards or in the decorative installations at our shopping malls) was still far from reality for those SAS students who stuck around during the break.  So what were the top ways that we managed to generate some Holiday Spirit?

  1. Visiting Snow City 
  2. Ice skating at Marina Bay Sands
  3. Decorating our homes with Christmas Decorations
  4. Watching classic Christmas Movies 
  5. Listening to the Frank Sinatra Christmas Album
  6. Baking Holiday treats
  7. Throwing a “Christmas Pool Party”
  8. Holiday limited-edition flavors at Starbucks
  9. A trip to Gardens by the Bay to see the Christmas Lights
  10. Summer-time Christmas Shopping, as only Orchard Road can provide

Author: Nerina Vassiliadis

Nerina Vassiliadis is a senior who has been attending SAS for two years. This is her first year being part of the Eye! Her hobbies include making films, acting, directing, watching tv shows (specifically Friends) and movies, and spending time with friends and family. She can be contacted at

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