Hot Chocolate: A Taxonomy

For many, hot chocolate is a staple of the winter diet. Although it is known as the beverage resulting from the magical combination of warm milk, sugar, and cocoa, modern hot chocolate takes many forms:  spiced, infused, flavored, decorated, stirred, mixed, malted — and anything in between. You can buy it from a vending machine, or order it up served in a porcelain cup. You can make it from scratch, or take the pre-packaged approach (using a readily available just-add-water mix).

In this study, I set out to define the various groups of hot chocolate on the basis of shared characteristics so that we might fully comprehend and appreciate the diversity of this spectacular beverage species. Through this research, I’ve concluded one thing to be certain: hot chocolate remains a tasty treat – even when the dubiously neither  ‘hot’ nor necessarily made of real chocolate.

Now that we’ve scratched the surface on the biodiversity of this unique beverage, why don’t we ask ourselves: how does each one taste? In this video, juniors Katya and Aadhiya and freshmen Connor and Daniel put three different hot chocolates to the test.

To conclude, hot chocolate is a truly versatile drink that fits any taste, context, or cup. If you haven’t already, enjoy some hot chocolate this holiday season! Or don’t. It’s up to you, really. Some people don’t like chocolate. Where am I going with this? Have a great festive season, and some hot chocolate too!

Author: Chloe Venn

Chloe Venn is a senior and Chief Media Editor of The Eye. She’s from California and South Africa, but was born and raised in Singapore. She enjoys all kinds of movies, loves rainstorms, and has a terrible taste in music. Filmmaking, writing and Mandarin are her favourite subjects. You can contact her at:

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