SAH Dude Unsolved: Geylang Bahru Family Murders

SAH Dude is back for episode 2! Spookier than the first, this episode features your favorite dynamic duo as they discuss one of Singapore’s most horrific unsolved mysteries: the Geylang Bahru Family Murders. In this spin-off of the iconic “Buzzfeed Unsolved” series, the pair looks into a gruesome murder of four Singaporean school children, and what could have lead to such an awful event in the island’s history.

Author: Sasha Quinlan

Sasha Quinlan is Senior and one of the co-editors of The Eye. This is her third year reporting on The Eye. Having attended SAS for the past 15 years, she considers Singapore home. Some of her hobbies include binge watching "Clueless", writing, cheering, and eating sweet potatoes. She can be contacted at

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