SAS Students Featured at the 2017 IN Exhibition

Take a sneak peek at some of the incredible work in the IN Exhibition, a select show featuring artwork from seventeen different international schools in Singapore and Malaysia!

A row of pieces done by different students from international schools on one side of the gallery. Photo taken by Aoife Haakenson

Only a select few of the pieces in the exhibition are showcased in our gallery below, so make sure to go support and celebrate your peers’ achievements and check out the wide variety of student artwork at the Australian High Commission at 25 Napier Road. The exhibition will be open from now until January 15 from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays. Enter at the main gate with your student ID to be checked in!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos were taken by Staff Reporter Aoife Haakenson. 

And don’t forget to congratulate the following SAS IN Artists below:

  • Paige Freeman
  • Alice Harvey
  • Vik Sharma
  • Jane Li
  • Hana Matudaira
  • Moe Sumino
  • Mai Johnson
  • Claire Xu
  • April Yoon
  • Jade Warren
  • Li Wen Soh
  • Trinity Yeo
  • Megan Cabaero
  • Laura Young
  • Jacquie Lee
  • Christina Kim
  • Ariana Lau
  • Andrea Horn

Author: Han Sohn

Han Sohn is a junior and this is her first year as a reporter for The Eye. She has been living in Singapore for 13 years and has been attending SAS since kindergarten. At school, on most days, she can be found zoning out in the art room, stressing out about AP classes, or sharing relatable memes. At home, she can be found binge-watching Black Mirrors or lying on her bed streaming the latest horror movies. She can be contacted at

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