Girls Varsity Soccer Season Highlight

Over the past four years, the SAS girls’ varsity team had been, if anything, outright extraordinary. With their record-tying four-peat (a fourth consecutive championship), the girls had continuously held and maintained a name for themselves as being the best of the best among our neighboring IASAS schools as well as amongst the teams in Singapore.

Returning as IASAS champions, the pressure for the varsity soccer girls to win for the fifth time was immensely overwhelming, especially considering the fact that they had a legacy to uphold. This winning streak that the girls formed had consequently created a target on their backs. Nonetheless, it had uplifted the need for these schools to defeat and prevent our SAS girls from bringing home the IASAS plaque once again.

Despite the efforts of the IASAS schools to destroy their winning streak, the girls continued to maintain a positive and competitive mindset, coming back each year stronger, fiercer and better. Dominating the field, working together, and for the most part, putting their heart into the game is what makes our girls’ varsity soccer team successful.

The varsity soccer girls huddling before their match against ISKL. Photo credits: Michelle Dumke

The team this year consisted of a new group of girls. Unlike last year, the team was much larger, consisting of 21 players, 8 returners and 13 first-year varsity soccer athletes.  Evidently, with a new team, many challenges could surface as new faces and new skills were being thrown into the mix. However, the girls were determined to not let this new change ruin their chances as a team to dominate the season.

The girls also had to adapt to a new coach. With Jason Adkinson departing as their head coach, former girls varsity head coach Geoffrey Rodocker stepped up to the challenge of preparing and leading the girls to victory at the IASAS championship.

Captains Lousia Blakeley, Arianna Parada, and Willow Martin having a post-game chat with coach Rodocker about the team and players performance. Photo credit: Michelle Dumke

Towards the beginning of the season, some of the girls had a hard time adapting to a new style of coaching. Many of them were asked to move to different positions, presenting new challenges that, although “exciting” to some, could be “heartbreaking at the same time.” On top of that, the game that these girls played was “more technical than anything they have ever experienced.” Still, the girls were “learning so much more about the game of soccer as a result.”

“We played as a unit and we fought hard to win each game. We played like we wanted it.” – Arianna Parada

On October 11, the girls made their way to ISB to compete at the IASAS championship. After finishing the first day with a score of 0-1-1, the girls made it their mission to come back and play with grit and intensity. “All of us were pretty nervous and after the game, from that point on, we played each game with intensity and drive,” says Captain, Arianna Parada. As a result, the girls ended up flourishing the next few days with a score of 2-0-1, ending the championship in 3rd place.

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