Top 5 Costumes from Halloween 2017

While the arrival of November has taken the spooky spirit with it, we did take note of a distinct lack of participation in SAS students’ willingness to join in on the fun that is Halloween.  The “I’m dressed as a Dress Code violation” didn’t’ go over so well with the high school admin, so we at The Eye are choosing to be pro-active for next year,  in the hope that you will find new inspiration (without breaking the bank).  Here are our Top 5 Picks — the easiest (and most effective) costumes for your future Halloween fashion endeavors:

  1. Baseball (or Sports) Fan

Throw on a hat, shorts, and a t-shirt supporting your favorite team and you’re a baseball fan! A sports fan is a quick, simple, and easy halloween costume.

  1. Bunny

Animals are always a popular Halloween costume because ears say it all!  An all-white outfit and some bunny ears make for a cute and easy bunny costume!

  1. Cheerleader

Cheerleading skirts and tops aren’t too challenging to find, and they make for a fun and bubbly costume.

  1. Hippie

For that 70s vibe, wear colorful clothing, round glasses, and a printed bandana.

  1. Princess

From Cinderella to Snow White, princesses are always a classic costume. All you need is a dress or skirt of some sort and a tiara for this magical look.

Author: Sasha Quinlan

Sasha Quinlan is Senior and one of the co-editors of The Eye. This is her third year reporting on The Eye. Having attended SAS for the past 15 years, she considers Singapore home. Some of her hobbies include binge watching "Clueless", writing, cheering, and eating sweet potatoes. She can be contacted at

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