IASAS Behind The Scenes

A collection of clips highlighting the stream team for IASAS and other workers of The Eye. The stream team consisted of advanced film and journalism students who were in charge of the live streaming of IASAS volleyball events.  They were assisted by technical wizardry of the Digital Frontiers group who kept the scoreboards updated and managed our transmission out to the viewing public.

Music by Ouse and Kami House


Author: Anjali Swarstad

Anjali Swarstad is a sophomore at Singapore American School, and is excited to work with The Eye for her first time. She enjoys mentally debating philosophies, writing poorly planned mysteries, and appreciating memes. Anjali fancies herself a filmmaker, yet shoots mostly blurry footage of whatever while feeling pretentious and artsy. You can find her listening to Current Joys and The Smiths, or spitting cherry seeds out her bedroom window. She thrives to become a monarch of Russia, but for now is content with being a mediocre novelist. Anjali can be contacted at swarstad30323@sas.edu.sg

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