IASAS Shout-Outs 2017

Posters hanging in the cafeteria. Students decked out in everything from SAS stickers to socks. Hallways turn into a sea of red with people running from gym to gym, anxiously checking tournament schedules. IASAS truly is the time where school spirit, cheer, and excitement shines the brightest on our campus. Often said to be one of the most memorable parts of the SAS experience, it’s no shocker that the friendships made from these events become equally important.

The unique dynamic of having a tournament with students from different parts of the world often leads to friendships that spread across the globe. While IASAS only consists of schools from South-East Asia, the international background of many of these students create friendships with even larger boundaries.

The reason for the tournament may be competition, but it is not the final scores that are remembered by athletes moths later; It’s the relationships created through the intense, friendly rivalry. So, in the spirit of celebrating these friendships, we thought that we would give this year’s IASAS Volleyball and Cross – Country stars a chance to give special “shout-outs” to the people that helped to make this tournament memorable for them. Take a look!



Author: Avanya Rao

Avanya Rao is a Senior who has attended SAS for the past twelve years. This is her second year reporting for The Eye. When not taking videos of her dog, you can find Avanya crying in romantic comedies, spending time with her friends and family, and annoying her pals by losing snapchat streaks. She can be contacted at rao32417@sas.edu.sg.

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