Thank You, Teachers

As the year is coming to a close, there comes the time where all students say their goodbyes to the whole SAS community . It is time to say goodbye and reflect on all the memories – good and bad- that we have experienced in this school year of 2016-2017. Soon, there will be farewells between students and the faculty and staff. For all returning students, it might not be as dramatic as the seniors leaving SAS, but nonetheless, June 1st will definitely be an emotional day for everyone.

It seemed appropriate to take some time now to show our appreciation and send our last words to our teachers before the impending doom of finals emerges.

Students were asked to send messages to their teachers to give appreciation for this year. They had various messages of appreciation, ranging from gratitude to teachers for making a certain class enjoyable to their appreciation of the constant encouragement that they received from their teachers.

Junior Elizabeth Wallace wanted to send a message to her teacher Mr. Coppell:

“Mr. Coppell, thanks for being such a great teacher! You are so funny and make coming to class really enjoyable. Thanks for answering all my daft questions!”

Another junior, Anika Khanderia had some words of appreciation to her math teacher, Mr. Zitur:

“Mr. Zitur, thank you for making class so enjoyable! You make it easy to enjoy calc and you’re an amazing teacher!”

For juniors, even though they will miss their teacher and the classroom that they were in for the whole year, they won’t be as bummed out as seniors, as they still have many chances to talk to their past teachers in the hallways as rising seniors. However, for the seniors who are leaving SAS this year, will not only say goodbye to all of their friends, but also their teachers, possibly leading to a more emotional goodbye. These are the appreciation note that some seniors wanted to say to their teachers.

Senior Lucia Garcia Velasco to her teacher Mrs. Goode:

Senior Lucia Garcia Velasco’s senior photo. Photo credits to Lucia Garcia Velasco

“Mrs. Goode, thank you so much for all the passion that you put into your teaching. I have learned a lot from you, and I am really going to miss you when I graduate. Lots of love, Lucia.”

Senior Arjun Joshi’s Senior Photo. Photo Credits to Arjun Joshi

Senior Arjun Joshi to his teacher Mr. Terrile:

“Mr. Terrile,

I know I’m not the best or brightest in Stats, but thank you for always believing in me; even when I’m down about how I did on a test, you never stop encouraging, helping and believing that I can do better. You’re the best Mr. T!

As a senior myself, leaving SAS is an inevitable event that is both good and bad. In a way, the end of the chapter of SAS is a new beginning for us: college. The newly gained freedom might be something to look forward to, but we will always look back at SAS and miss our memories, all our friends, and even teachers there. We have all come a long way surviving high school, but before we finally do leave, just know that this is the time right now to go to the friends and teachers and express our gratitude to them for being with us on this journey we call high school.

18673297_1443464132373081_4096491721980442907_o (1)

To everyone else, you have also come a long way surviving the 2016-2017 school year. Come back ready to tackle SAS again after summer break!

Author: Jennifer Jung

Jennifer Jung is a senior this year, and it is her second year as a reporter for the Eye. Even though she is originally from Korea, she has been in Singapore since she was five. This is her 11th year at SAS. Some of her hobbies include reading, watching movies, hanging out with friends, as well as sleeping. She can be contacted at

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