Future World: Where Art Meets Science

A breathtaking exposition at the ArtScience Museum beautifully fused art and science to create an exhibit called the Future World. Right by Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore ArtScience Museum features multiple one-of-a-kind exhibits ranging from art galleries to an outer space one about NASA named,  A Human Adventure. While most of these showrooms are temporary, the Future World is permanent at the ArtScience Museum – it’s no surprise why.

During my Singapore interim in February, I visited this exhibit for the first time, expecting it to be a dimmed room with pictures hung on walls, and plaques under each photo, describing the piece and the history behind it. I was wrong. At Future World, my senses were tingled and overwhelmed with stunning pieces of projected artwork, ambient music, and interactive animations. According to the ArtScience Museum page, the Future World sought to “take visitors on an exciting journey of discovery through four key narratives – Nature, Town, Park, and Space.”

This so-called “futuristic realm” created a 1,500-square meter digital universe brought to life with 16 exquisite art installations. Every art piece was presented with ingenuity, imagination, and incredible craftsmanship. The museum is a collaboration with teamLab, an award-winning Tokyo-based art collective of “ultra-technologists” that includes artists, programmers, engineers, animators, mathematicians, architects, and designers. The result is Future World, “Singapore’s largest interactive digital playground,” according to the ArtScience Museum.

Here are some of the dazzling installations that depicted each of the principle themes of the exhibition —nature, town, park, and space — from the Future World exhibit at Marina Bay.

Sketch Town (Town Category):

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Photo by Christen Yu.

Sketch town is an installation that portrays a fictitious town, and is based on Singapore. Many of Singapore’s landmarks such as the Merlion and the Singapore Flyer are recognized in the installation. The unique part about this piece of art is that it is interactive; visitors can use crayons and paper to draw a car or a building for Sketch Town. Once the two-dimensional drawings are placed on a scanner, they enter the town and become animated three-dimensional objects. The town is brought to life with the visitor’s metropolitan designs. People can also physically interact with the screen. For example, when a car is touched it can change direction or speed up.

Light Ball Orchestra (Park Category):

Photo by Christen Yu.

The Light Ball Orchestra is an open pit filled with large beach-balls of glowing prismatic color and electrifying sounds. Once a ball is touched, the color changes, and so does the sound of it. The change echoes to other balls around it, creating a resonating effect. Again, the Light Ball Orchestra is interactive. Visitors in the pit can create a dynamic and whimsical space, as the ripples sent out by the beach balls interact with other balls around. An enchanting orchestra of melodies and lights come together as the balls are rolled, bounced, and pushed.

100 Years Sea Animation (Nature Category):

Photo by Christen Yu.

The 100 Years Sea Animation is a 10-minute diorama of waves that are created in a virtual three-dimensional space. Historically, Japanese artists painted waves using a multitude of lines. These assembled lines gave the impression of the energy and life of the sea as one living creature. The 100 Years Sea Animation in the Future World was inspired by the artwork of the Japanese. The sea is a live entity, and this installation gives viewers the sense that there is no boundary between the animated and real work. This animation is a spellbinding dancing art piece that awes the viewers with the natural beauty of the sea.

Crystal Universe (Space Category):

Photo by Christen Yu.

The Crystal Universe transports you into the milky way. This scintillating installation is created with teamLab’s four-dimensional vision technology, and over 170,000 LED lights. Visitors walking through this artwork will see the illusion of stars moving in space. Traveling in different directions allows visitors to encounter astrophysical phenomena besides stars, such as galaxies and gravitational waves. While I was at the ArtScience Museum, the Crystal Universe was my absolute favorite piece of art. I found myself at the center of the universe while walking through the glittering lights, engulfed in celestial wonders.

The Future World at the Singapore ArtScience Museum by Marina Bay was nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether you’re a tourist or local, a walk through this exhibit made you forget all your worries and entranced you within a whole other world. The ArtScience Museum was an experience not to miss — a fully immersive digital universe where art and science were beautifully fused.

Author: Christen Yu

Christen Yu is a senior and one of the co-editors for the eye this year. She has been a student at Singapore American School for fourteen years, and despite having been born in Southern California, she considers Singapore her home. A few of her favorite things include wasting time and money on Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise episodes, and overusing the snapchat dog filter. She finds happiness in drinking bubble tea, and making friends laugh. She can be contacted at yu18985@sas.edu.sg.

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