The Real SSS is in Full Swing

We find ourselves deep into the second semester and seniors only have three months of high school left. During second semester, seniors go through a phase of “senioritis” which, according to the Urban Dictionary is a “disease that strikes high school seniors with the symptoms that include being extra lazy, lack of studying and having a dismissive attitude”, according to Urban Dictionary. For many seniors, senioritis has started even from the beginning of the school year. However, with each passing day more seniors are now being “infected” by the dreaded (or gleefully excusing?) senioritis.

Senior Riho Kanomata and Julie Chung getting Koi after school

When a few seniors were asked how they felt about joining the ranks of the SSS, they responded with familiar answers: “I have been at this school for almost 13 years so I have been waiting for this moment my whole life. Even though there is no motivation to do well, I still want to maintain my standards”, answered Senior Justine de Jesus. Senior Seoyeon Kim agreed: “I’m so conflicted because there is no drive, but I still want to do well and I don’t want to let down my teachers.” Riho Kanomata added, “I’m surprised I still come to school and only have one absence so far!”

To answer the question on whether or not they still try hard, Senior Yannick De Guchteneere quickly replied with a “Nope!” and Senior Justin Choi added: “I haven’t tried hard since last year.”  Seoyeon and Justine both responded that they still put in a decent amount of effort but don’t have the same stamina to keep that up throughout this final semester.

Senior Seoyeon Kim taking SSS to another level.

After the graduation on June 1st, some seniors have already planned trips to travel far and wide with friends. Justine excitedly exclaimed, “I’m going on a trip with my friends to Koh Samui!” Seoyeon claimed that she fill first “try and find a job” for some experience of earning her own money. However, most seniors are just excited to “leave high school and their parents and have a fresh start in college”.

When asked what their schedule is like when they get home, most seniors seemed to have similar after school schedules: snacking, taking a nap, and then doing the minimal amount of work before they sleep. Senior Justine listed out her schedule in detail: “When I get home, I change into my gym clothes then eat some fruits. I’ll go to the gym for half an hour to do cardio and when I get home, I make myself ramen. Then, I’ll take out my laptop and binge on youtube and buzzfeed videos. When I’m done, it would be dinner time and then I will start my homework. I usually sleep around 1:30-2am”. She then carried on by commenting, “sometimes in my gym clothes, I will go on the shuttle bus to the nearby mall to get some bubble tea. My favorite drink is black tea with golden bubbles at Koi”. Yannick added, “I don’t even do homework… I just play fifa then sleep around 11pm”. Many seniors confirmed that they “procrastinate on computers and the phone, then barely do homework before sleeping.”

Group of senior girls getting GongCha after school

To finalize, seniors were asked what they predicted their GPA to be at the end of this semester. Seoyeon answered with, “because all my classes are APs, getting a B+ in all of them would still be a 4.0, so hopefully I can end with a 4.0”. Justine is expecting around a “4.2 by getting B+’s and some A’s”, and Talya Thomas and Yannick said they are hoping for at least “above 3.6”. 

Although practically all seniors in the second semester show signs of senioritis, we aren’t showing extreme symptoms and perhaps are still expression a bit of hope in finishing our final high school year by trying to maintain our standards and achieve a GPA of over 3.0.  We’ll see how long we can contain a balance.  


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