The Rising Voice of Conservative America

For those who are not aware of the new political figure taking over America, she comes in the form of a twenty-four-year-old blonde bombshell with a sharp mind and even sharper words. Tomi Lahren has become increasingly known for her radical conservative beliefs and her inexorable ability to express them.

Lahren’s rise to fame began with the establishment of her own political news segment based in Texas on TheBlaze. Her segment, Tomi, has been the entertaining outlet for Lahren to repeatedly shock her audience with aggressive commentary on the current political happenings of the United States.

lahrenLahren then declared her support for the new United States President, Donald Trump as early as Spring, 2016, and continued to back him throughout the rest of his campaign while simultaneously criticizing Clinton. She became known as a fierce and fiery voice for conservatives.

“I like her because she’s entertaining,” says junior Maile Wong. This seems to be a popular opinion amongst many, as Lahren’s disregard for others’ views or political correctness is what makes her so appealing. One of Lahren’s most unforgettable, and, in my opinion, outrageous statements involved comparing the KKK to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

There is some truth to the basis of Tomi Lahren’s commentary, however, and that is this: she has the right to say it, to a certain extent. Lahren has claimed, “Whether you love what I’m saying or hate what I’m saying, you’re having a reaction to it, and that is exactly what needs to happen in this country.”

I have tried to understand Lahren’s views and have failed miserably. In many cases, what she says is hurtful and threatening to a significant amount of people. I do not agree with Lahren’s disdain for Colin Kaepernick’s actions that called out racism or the fact that she doesn’t believe racism is a real issue in her country. There are certain aspects of her political views, such as her lack of understanding of the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, that only hurt people.

There is a large debate on whether or not Lahren is a bigot herself. Is she entitled to her own views? Yes. What if they are beliefs that threaten the safety of the people in her country, or rock the very foundation of the country itself? Lahren has been compared to Trump in the sense that both of them have no regard for the consequences of their words, and if they do, they don’t care. I can’t tell whether they don’t understand the power of what they say, or they enjoy the reactions that their words receive.

Lahren’s latest increase in supporters and enemies alike was fueled by her appearance on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, in which she and Noah engaged in a disturbing and heated argument about race in America. Both parties were criticized and both were strong-headed in their arguments. Here is the full video:

Riding the wave of Trump’s successful election and a new-found empowerment of conservatives across America to state their beliefs unabashedly, Tomi Lahren is an extreme example of radical millennials today.   While many, including myself, will disagree with her views, it’s important to understand the change in approaches to free speech that she (and other YouTube soapbox success stories) are bringing to the country. 

Author: Diya Navlakha

Diya Navlakha is a junior in her tenth year at SAS. This is her second year as a part of The Eye. While originally from India, Diya spent her childhood in New York City and Singapore. A few of her hobbies include watching "Friends", baking, and spending time with friends and family. She can be contacted at

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