Mood For Food: Boufé Boutique Café

So the end-of-term vacation is finally upon us.  If a “staycation” is more in your plans, why not enjoy a little out-and-about right here in town? Located in proximity to the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road, a quiet cafe is tucked behind a row of green trees and HDBs. A chalkboard sits at the foot of a tall glass door; the words “But first, Coffee!” draw customers in. The white walls with black and tan accents set a cozy and inviting ambiance. Students, colleagues, and old friends all crowded around white tables to converse, gossip, and even work on projects together, all while sharing a scrumptious meal.

Boufé Boutique Cafe is a small cafe and boutique all in one, opened in February of 2015. This cafe was created by secondary school classmates Erik Wang, Sean Lee, and Dennis Lim, who all shared a love for innovation, design, and gastronomy. The name “Boufé” is a combination of the words “boutique” and “cafe.” Wang, Lee, and Lim aspired to not only open a unique restaurant, but they aimed to incorporate an aspect of design and fashion. Thus, they opened a boutique, “Bou Store,” inside the cafe to not only attract foodies like us, but those who are interested in style.

Boufé’s diverse brunch menu.

Boufé’s Café uses a customized blend of coffee beans – “60% Brazillian, 20% El Salvador, and 20% Ethiopian” to create a nutty flavor with floral notes, finished with a delicate taste of cocoa. The iced latte ($5.50) has a rich aroma from the coffee beans, and is perfectly balanced out with the creaminess of the milk. It’s the perfect cool down drink for the Singapore heat. The price point for the latte was very reasonable; in comparison, a tall sized latte from Starbucks in Singapore is $5.70.

In addition to coffee, Boufé has a wide variety of drinks available for all ages, ranging from homemade infused teas, to fruit flavored sodas, to cocktails. Kathryn ordered Boufé’s iced lemonade ($5.50), which took a new twist on your traditional lemonade. Their iced lemonade is infused with splashes of cucumber and strawberry, making the drink even more refreshing. Although $5.50 may seem a bit expensive for a glass of lemonade, the taste was nothing like we’ve experienced before.

Their menu includes foods for brunch and dinner, with various cuisines from Western to Italian. For brunch, Christen ordered the Smoked Salmon Croissant ($19). The freshly baked croissant was paired with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, capers with cream cheese filling, and fresh greens. The savory flavor of the salmon with the fluffy eggs combined perfectly with the crunch of the croissant. Moreover, Kathryn ordered the Truffle House Avocado ($18). Creamy mushroom ragout laid on top of a crispy baguette; a row of sliced avocado framing the front of the plate. The bread, avocados, and mushrooms all melted in our mouths, sweet, salty, crunchy, and smooth all at the same time. Overall, the pricing of these dishes were quite reasonable, as they not only come in large portions, but the taste of the food is unbelievably delicious.

Boufé’s specialty drink “Twilight”, a color-changing refresher that contains mint, elderflower, and lemon.

At first glance, Boufé Boutique may look like that brunch place perfect to take pictures for an Instagram feed. Although the clean aesthetic and serene ambiance of Boufe is surely a great place for a photo op, and their food is just as amazing. Boufe uses fresh, high quality ingredients, and their prices are reasonable.

For dessert, we ordered the chocolate tart ($5.5), which had an underlying almond flavor, and was paired with homemade caramel, chocolate ganache, and topped with a raspberry. For you chocolate lovers, this is the perfect indulgence. The berry accemt worked well to cut into the richness of the dark chocolate. 

As stated earlier, Boufé has its own boutique store called “Bou Store.” In general, the decorative items on offer have quite a modern feel to them; most are geometric shapes and neutral colors. Bou Store sells items ranging from classy workwear, to chic sunglasses, to simplistic pieces of jewelry, to organic skincare masks. In addition, there is an interactive ice cream vending machine, where customers can try and “catch” their desired flavor of ice cream. While Bou Store’s items are a bit pricy, all are in support of local Singaporean brands.

If you’re looking for a cozy enclave to catch up with some friends and indulge in food and fashion, Boufé Boutique Cafe is the place for you!

Boufé’s “Salted Egg yolk Crayfish”, paired with a house baked buckwheat bun, sautéed mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes.


  • 308 Tanglin Road., Phoenix Park, #01-01, Phoenix Park, 247974


  • + 65 6734 7656

Opening Hours:

  • 8AM – 10AM: Coffee (Tuesday – Friday)
  • 10AM – 3PM: Brunch (Tuesday – Sunday)
  • 3PM – 6PM: Snacks & Pastries (Tuesday – Sunday)
  • 6PM – 10PM: Dinner (Tuesday – Sunday)

Written and Produced by Christen Yu and Kathryn Wilson

Author: Christen Yu

Christen Yu is a senior and one of the co-editors for the eye this year. She has been a student at Singapore American School for fourteen years, and despite having been born in Southern California, she considers Singapore her home. A few of her favorite things include wasting time and money on Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise episodes, and overusing the snapchat dog filter. She finds happiness in drinking bubble tea, and making friends laugh. She can be contacted at

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