Have Yourself a Very Changi Christmas

Winter break is upon us. With finals completed and missing assignments turned in, SAS students now embark on the first day of the their well-deserved holidays. Whether we’re heading off to America or Amsterdam, there is one place that almost all of us will be visiting – Changi airport. Changi airport has been named the World’s Best Airport for the fourth straight year. Living in Singapore, we often take its facilities and service for granted.  So, as you get into spirit of the holidays and ready to travel, here’s a reminder of the ten best things to look out for the next time you’re at Changi:

1. The astounding architecture:












Changi airport has won numerous architecture awards.  All of the terminals have unique features that make them architectural masterpieces, terminal 3 in particular. It has an overhead lighting system that uses glass skylights and thousands of aluminum blinds to minimize the amount of direct sunlight that can enter the building during the day, and reflect artificial light during the night. Not only does this light modulation system reduce electricity consumption, it also creates a really sophisticated interior.

2. The Skytrains from terminal to terminal that make travel convenient:


You never have to worry about missing a flight at Changi even when you’re running around exploring all the food and shopping choices in the different terminals. The Skytrain transportation system makes travel between terminals quick, taking only about four minutes to get from one terminal to another.


3. Clean Bathrooms:


This may seem like a fairly basic amenity, but bathrooms in busy airports that are as clean as the ones at Changi are quite something. In fact, they are so house- proud, they even want you to rate your “experience” through an electronic monitoring system.

4. Free wifi and a charging station for all your electronic needs:


One of the worst things that could happen before a flight is for your phone to run out of battery, especially if your charger is packed deep inside your check-in baggage. Luckily, Changi’s huge charging station has got your back. Additionally, the central free wifi lets you take care of your snap chat streaks without draining your bank account with hotspot.

5. TheSlide@T3:


With a minimum spend of just ten dollars anywhere at Changi airport, you are able to redeem a slide down TheSlide@T3.  Not only is this 40-foot monstrosity the biggest slide in Singapore, it is also the biggest slide ever built in an airport around the world.

6. Rooftop pool and tiki bar:

changi pool.jpg

If the stresses associated with travel are getting to you, take a minute to relax at Changi’s rooftop pool. For just seventeen dollars you can start your vacation early and watch planes take off above you in the comfort of a jacuzzi pool.

7. MAD foliage (It’s, literally, “a jungle out there”):


As a large contributor to Singapore’s economy, Changi has begun to use sustainable energy throughout the airport. Its green initiatives include conserving water and electricity and incorporating greenery in the interior of the airport. In every part of the airport, you are greeted by beautiful flowering plants and trees that bring the outdoors into the airport. There’s even a green wall, a nature trail, and a butterfly garden.

8. Spas:


If you’re the kind of person who wants to start a vacation looking and feeling your best, there’s a spa located at each of the terminals to provide the ultimate indulgence.

9. A fitness center:


If you’re about to embark on a twenty-four-hour flight and hate to skip even a day of pumping iron, worry no more. The airport’s fitness center has state-of-the-art equipment, lockers for your personal items and showers – so you’ll emerge feeling both fit and fresh.



Have some last minute Christmas shopping to do and absolutely no time to do it? Not a problem because Changi airport is home to a variety of stores, ranging from local brands like Charles and Keith, to all the leading international names. There are also more affordable places to visit, including the multiple duty-free shops in each terminal.

So, have a great holiday everyone – and do check out Changi’s finest assets on your way out of Singapore!

Author: Avanya Rao

Avanya Rao is a Senior who has attended SAS for the past twelve years. This is her second year reporting for The Eye. When not taking videos of her dog, you can find Avanya crying in romantic comedies, spending time with her friends and family, and annoying her pals by losing snapchat streaks. She can be contacted at rao32417@sas.edu.sg.

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