What is Liberty in North Korea?

Reporter Chloe Venn had the chance to interview Sokeel Park, a  Research and Policy Analyst for Liberty in North Korea to talk about the organization’s work with North Korean refugees. Sokeel visited during the SAS LiNK week in October, giving presentations to spread awareness about his efforts to create positive change in North Korea. His visit and this exclusive interview for The Eye were made possible by the leaders of the SAS LiNK club, Robin Yoon and Tarini Iyer.


Author: Chloe Venn

Chloe Venn is a senior and Chief Media Editor of The Eye. She’s from California and South Africa, but was born and raised in Singapore. She enjoys all kinds of movies, loves rainstorms, and has a terrible taste in music. Filmmaking, writing and Mandarin are her favourite subjects. You can contact her at: venn19557@sas.edu.sg

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