Sah Dude Episode 1: A Poke Theory

Sasha and Sabrina hijack the “mood for food” franchise and kick off their own show, Sah Dude, in exploring the hype surrounding the Poke Bowl phenomenon. On a rainy Singapore day, our maverick duo of upstart food critics makes its way to A Poke Theory, a hidden gem on Boon Tat Street, offering customizable meals delivering personalized flavors at an affordable price.* The girls indulge in the restaurant’s traditional Hawaiian cuisine, accentuated with a touch of Japanese and home-grown offerings, and ultimately deliver a rave review to this new concept in quick, nutritional dining.

*Prices start at 11.50 depending on your choice of meat and come with a selection of free toppings. Premium toppings (guacamole, fired-toasted corn kernels, seasoned kale chips, among others) will set you back an additional $1 or $2.

Author: Sabrina Sain

Sabrina Sain is a sophomore and is new to the The Eye this year. Her favorite music artist is Frank Sinatra, however her guilty pleasure is rap. When she is not at school, she enjoys finding aesthetic cafes, napping, writing poetry, coming up with bad puns, drinking bubble tea religiously, and most importantly, eating corn. She can be contacted at

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