The Best Things about Fall in Singapore

Consisting of only rainy, humid and sunny weather (with only mild fluctuations in temperature throughout the year), one might argue that Singapore lacks real seasons. Yet, there are still benefits that come with autumn in Singapore.

Dig in!  Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving (or any other holiday, for that matter)

First off, the food. The only season with food that can compete with fall food is winter, and that’s because it’s the only time it’s socially acceptable to eat 30 sugar cookies in one sitting. Fall food consists of the classic hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, caramel apples, and pumpkin spice lattes. Combine this with Halloween candy, and you have the potential to be on a sugar high from October until the wintery sugar cookie season!

Secondly, we endure the monsoon season. Starting in mid-November, monsoons may seem like a curse, but they’re actually a blessing in disguise. Personally, I feel as though this aspect impacts my exercise levels. June through July is a time I tend to be super fit and exercise every day, followed by August through October, in which I will become extremely sedentary and live on a diet revolving around Honey Dijon chips. During November, tennis season starts, and I am forced to start being fit again, and will usually go out to run on the weekends. Yet, with fall monsoons and the rain falling 24/7, you can always use the excuse of,“How can I run if it’s pouring outside?” Thus, you end up not running at all and can go back to your pecan pie guilt-free.

Thirdly, there is that most festive of American-inspired holidays that most SAS students seem to embrace wholeheartedly: Thanksgiving. There is no better celebration than Thanksgiving, as one of the objectives of the day is to literally eat so much until you physically cannot move. It requires certain strategizing and skills if you want to be able to maximize the amount of Thanksgiving food you can intake. Primarily, you must be able to blatantly ignore all brain signals that you are full and shove as much food as possible in your mouth, leaving no pie crust crumbs or leftover turkey behind. There is no need nor no time to think about if your food actually digests. Overall, Thanksgiving is a great indicator of how much food you can eat before passing out, and is something everyone should look forward to every fall.

The season to”fall” head over heels!

My friend and fellow staff member Natalie Chassagne stated that “fall season is the time of relationships” (she’s single by the way). This statement appears to be true all over the Internet, with people indicating snuggling and cute cozy dates to be the best part of fall (these people have obviously not had a good chicken pot pie).  If this is true, then this is your season to go out there and find that someone special to Netflix and chill! Good luck to you if you’re in the 12th grade, though. It’ll be hard to find an SAS senior that’s emotionally stable enough, or does not continuously have mental breakdowns due to the overwhelming stress that comes with APs and college apps.

Fashion in the fall is an important part of the season, but this can go in two different directions. You can either bust out the trendy clothes you have been waiting to wear all year, including open toed boots, scarves (fashion over comfort, even in Singapore!), cropped sweaters, and leggings — or you can go down a different path by looking homeless with oversized clothing. Personally, I find that people should definitely take advantage of this season to wear baggy clothing. Sweats are more comfortable and cozy around your body than snuggling a boyfriend (who would probably just be crying the whole time about how 12 people are EDing to Northwestern University and honestly ruin the entire mood). Another plus is that oversized clothing will allow you to cover up the rolls of fat you have accumulated through various sugary, high carb foods (thanks to Thanksgiving) that will only continue to multiply as winter break — meaning American fast food — nears.

As soon as November 1st rolls around (as it follows the worst, yet best day of senior year when early applications are finally submitted), fall in Singapore is a great time. Take advantage of the season by eating, not exercising, then eating some more, flirting with the guy in your math class, and looking either like a fall runway model or absolute trash decked out in your XXXL sweats! 

Author: Namrata Ray

This is Namrata’s second year on the Eye! Currently a senior, she’s better known as Nimi and is originally from Dallas, Texas. This is her fourth year at SAS and in Singapore. She enjoys playing tennis and eating chocolate lava cakes. Namrata can be contacted at

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