AP Art Retreat 2K16

Earlier this semester, the AP art students participated in a retreat to Telunas, Indonesia. Local SAS artists from AP Drawing, AP 3D, and AP 2D were able to create work in a whole new environment. The warm breeze, the serene scenery, and the relaxing atmosphere truly made this experience memorable. Time went slowly; there was only leisure and peace. Students used their time to start (and, in many cases, finish) multiple quality pieces, with plenty of time devoted to games and socializing at the end of the day. New friends, new art, and new memories were made – and all in this one special environment.

In this video overview, The Eye’s Mi Le Jang gives us a peek into this workshop getaway for the AP art students at SAS.

Author: Mi Le Jang

Mi Le Jang is a sophomore, and this is her first year at the Eye. Born and raised in Singapore, she is now attending her 12th year at SAS. She enjoys taking and editing photos or videos, talking with her friends, and spending time with her family. She can be contacted at jang30003@sas.edu.sg

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