A Letter To My Future Self On Graduation Day

It’s a hectic time for seniors.  Cementing the best grades possible for that midterm “snapshot” and completing college apps is certainly enough to lead any SAS upperclassman into a serious spiral of self-doubt.  Don’t worry.  This letter from the future (care of a slightly older and wiser Flissy Ford) should help put things into perspective:

Dear future me,

You’ve just spent four years of what was hopefully the best years of your life, but know that better is yet to come. You are about to embark on another adventure. This time, one that differs from moving across the world to Asia and having to navigate through long lines stretching down Orchard for bubble tea and taxis.

At the end of your four years of high school, I bet you’re probably feeling 100 different emotions at the same time. I know you are, and I know this because I know you. I am you.

You’re anxious of what to expect in the nearby future, but nonetheless excited to embark on this incredible new chapter of your life. The amount of opportunities, people, new experiences, and new emotions you have yet to encounter and feel is inordinate.

You could measure your time in high school by the amount of friends you’ve made, stress induced mental breakdowns you’ve had, panic stricken moments when you’ve realized you forgot your T3-1 calculator at home before a test, late nights scrambling to finish an essay, hours of sleep you didn’t get, or iced coffees bought throughout the day to keep yourself functioning from those heinous 6am wake ups.

Looking back on your past 14 years of school, I hope you’ve learned a few things to carry with you through the rest of your endeavours to come. You’ll have experienced a complete scale of emotions and circumstances.

Here are some words of advice from SAS alumni on what they would tell their past senior self:

Kaitlin Chassagne (Class of 2014) – “This is all so so very temporary, for better or for worse. Exams and papers and college applications will all be done and gone at some point. But so will many of the people you get to see every day as you all spread out around the world going on different paths. Make the most of the time you have left. Don’t worry too much about things you won’t remember in a few months.”

Anonymous (Class of 2016) –   “Enjoy every bite of the luxurious Asian and home cooked food, and go swimming as much as you can.”

Mackenzie Hirsch (Class of 2015) – “Cherish every minute you spend with your friends and family because soon they will be thousands of miles away.”

Caitlin Loi (Class of 2015) – “Make the most of the time you have with your friends, and try new things before you leave Asia.”

Toorjo Mishra (Class of 2015) – “Spend time making true connections with a few people instead of half hearted connections with a lot of people.”


You worked so hard to get to this point, you should be so proud of yourself, and proud of your accomplishments. Enjoy every moment while it lasts, and live in the present. I can’t wait to see where life takes you. 


Present day me


Author: ford46576

Flissy Ford is a senior and a first year reporter for The Eye. This is her 3rd year at SAS, originally from London, but has also lived in the states for a majority of her life. When she is not catching up on sleep or playing tennis, you can find her drinking bubble tea, or watching Bachelor in Paradise. She can be contacted at ford46576@sas.edu.sg

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