The Other Exchange: Drama 2016

In late September, while the many athletes that represent the six IASAS schools slipped on their sneakers, stretched their legs and rolled out their muscles in preparation for a Volleyball match, there was another set of students getting ready for a game of their own. The game didn’t involve nets or balls or referees, and there were no rules or points to be earned, but the dedication to the “sport” at hand was just as intense. These students have devoted hours to rehearsals, running lines, and developing their characters. Just as the strategies of volleyball pumps through the veins of the players at SAS, these thespians’ lives revolve around the act of putting on a show. This exchange was not a competition, but rather a way to celebrate similarities across countries and showcase the love we have for the art of theater.


Author: Meredith Machulski

Meredith Machulski is a first-year Senior reporter for The Eye. She’s lived in Singapore for 10 years, and has two dogs named Fenway and Pepper that are cute and psycho. A few of her hobbies are acting, watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, doing makeup, and taking videos of everything. She can be contacted at

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