Vegan spots in Singapore

Many people have been trying out the vegan diet to improve their health/well-being or to protect the environment. Recently, vegan dieting has become popular among teens and especially for women. Whether out of curiosity or in consideration of the well-being of animals and our planet, it doesn’t hurt to attempt this food lifestyle.

There are quite a few vegan restaurants and cafes in Singapore, but not many people know about them. Here are a few that are worth check out!

Waterfall Café


Located in the Shangri-La Hotel on level 1, there are an array of salads and pastas that you can enjoy either with a buffet or a la carte. All these food are made with organic and fresh ingredients that make up the delightful flavors for each dish. During lunch, you can choose to pick the buffet which includes a variety of salad, pizza and on-the-spot make pasta. The dinner menu has a wider range of food from salad and soup to steak and spaghetti. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone and especially to vegans. Rate: 4.5/5

Real Food


Real Food maintains the organic feel and only serves foods that are organic. On the menu, there are specifications listing all the ingredients that are included in the dish so the person knows exactly what they are going to be eating. Service may take time since all the dishes are made when they are ordered, but people say it is worth the wait. A recommended dish from this restaurant would be the steamed dumplings coated with soy sauce and sesame oil. When you bite into the dumpling, a diverse assortment of vegetables await your tastebuds. But be sure to go early to try these because they run out fast since they are handmade. Rate: 3.5/5



This restaurant will provide you both a good view and food. It is in Gardens by the Bay at the Flower Dome, so after you finish eating, you could go for a walk or gaze at the tree lights at night. Not only are the dishes nicely plated, but the food itself also pleases the tastebuds. Because the food has to be made when ordered, the service may also be slow. Rate: 3/5

Loving Hut


All dishes at the Loving Hut are purely vegan (plant-based) and has a fresh flavor and look to it. This cafe has a more local feel to it; however, it is a great place to stop by and try out. Once you try the food at the place, you will want to come back for more. Rate: 4/5

The Living Café


You can find this cafe in Bukit Timah Road, just before 6th Avenue. It is mainly modern foods that consider flavor and health. There is mixture of raw/fresh ingredients that make up the fresh food served at the Living Cafe. It doesn’t use any artificial flavoring or sugar. The menu focuses on the natural and holistic style of vegan diet and definitely considers the health factors. Many dishes are raw food staples which includes soups, zucchini pasta and healthy drinks such as smoothies. Rate: 3.5/5

If you are interested in going vegan, trying vegan food or just looking for some good food in Singapore, you should check out these cafes!

Author: Ashley Hyun

Ashley Hyun is a second year reporter for The Eye. She is a senior and it is her 7th year at SAS. Ashley was born in Korea but has lived in Singapore for 11 years. Her hobbies include listening to music, hanging out with friends and watching movies. She can be contacted at

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