Top 10 things to do in Singapore this summer

  1. Spend a day at Sentosa

    Courtesy of Remote Islands
  2. Go to the zoo

    Courtesy of Singapore Attractions
  3. Dine at cute restaurants on Keong Saik Rd

    Courtesy of Gatstronaut Diary
  4. Eat a local meal at Lau Pa Sat

    Courtesy of Your Singapore
  5. Explore the wonders of Haji Lane

    Courtesy of Vulcan Post
  6. Go to a cat café

    Courtesy of So Shiok
  7. Shop around IKEA (and eat some meatballs!)
  8. Take a stroll or bike ride around East Coast Park

    Courtesy of Honey Kids Asia
  9. Go on a boat ride to Palau Ubin

    Mapboard Sign
    Courtesy of National Parks Singapore
  10. Take a tour around Singapore via MRT

    Courtesy of SMRT

Author: Kristi Yang

Kristi Yang is a junior and second-year reporter for The Eye. She’s been in Singapore–at SAS–for the past five years and in Asia for the past seven. Previously, she’s lived in New York/Jersey and Beijing. Kristi keeps up with current events through social media platforms, though is also an avid reader of the New York Times. In her free-time, she can be found: figure skating at the rink, sweating through House of Pain, or finding inner-peace at yoga club. She can be contacted at

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