Roominder: find your ideal college roommate

For many seniors, the comfort we feel in our own bedrooms will soon be gone. Those of us making our way to college this fall will experience many changes, including new cities, faces, and perhaps most importantly, tiny living spaces shared with a stranger.

However, this stranger doesn’t necessarily have to be a stranger. In fact, most seniors have already taken the next step in preparing for a smooth transition into college by getting to know their potential roommates.

For some, the search for roommates was smooth and effective through the use of college Facebook groups. Not only did the groups help them meet new people who influenced their final decision, they enabled them to seek out people with similar hobbies, personality traits and lifestyles.

jackSenior Jackie Wirt found her roommate by posting in her college Facebook group. Her post featured a quick summary of herself and her lifestyle. Luckily for her, a girl messaged her back, exclaiming that the two have “so much in common.”

After “weighing” her other options and contemplating who she’d rather live with, Jackie was happy to decide on an “interesting, open-minded, and easy-going” girl from Arizona.

However, for a few other seniors, their Facebook groups didn’t provide enough information necessary to settle on a roommate.

“After talking to a few girls, I realized I wasn’t getting the important information,” senior Haley Waite said. “So I went to this other site called RoomSync.”

RoomSync is a roommate self-selection software available for campus housing and off-campus housing. For college-bound students, this site logs you into your college community through your housing number. Moreover, the software provides a long list of questions that students answer in the format of a checkbox.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.46.36 PM

[Diagram found on RoomSync]

Unlike Facebook groups, the information shared on this website by students is more essential and useful in terms of finding the ideal person to live with. The questions refer to everyday routines or habits such as “When do you want to go to bed?” or “How clean do you want your room?” and “Do you drink/ smoke?”

“The survey provides more specific questions on routine,” Haley said. “Things that would be awkward to ask if you’re just chatting. Best of all, they give you top matches based on your questionnaire.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.46.28 PM

[Reviews for RoomSync found on website]

The only downside is that not everyone chooses to log into RoomSync – not every incoming freshman will be in the pool you are selecting from.

Some colleges specifically designed surveys for their freshman. Senior Scott Gammons used a self-selecting software that his college provided for him that contained questions targeting his major as well as routines. Similar to the independent rooming software, the process for Scott was quick and simple.

“The college gave me a college match site, so I chose the guy I had the highest match with,” Scott said.

All three procedures allow students to familiarize themselves with people that they’ll be surrounded by next year. But despite the fact that many seniors have found their highest match, they still have some concerns about compatibility.

Jackie Wirt is afraid her roommate will be “too much of a clean freak.”

“[I’m afraid] she won’t let me do what I need to do. She said she’s a really big clean freak, and I’m really not at all, so if we disagree on stuff and don’t get along… that’s a problem.”

Haley admits that she is most afraid of her roommate “stealing [her] food.”

More importantly, this discussion brought up the debate of whether a roommate should be compatible or whether they should be your best friend.

“I’d like a person to be similar but not too similar,” said Jackie. “I chose not to room with this one girl not because I didn’t like her, but because we are literally like the same person.”

Haley, on the other hand, disagreed by saying, “I want someone who I can get along with really well. I feel like that would make it fun. Besides, if you get into an argument with your roommate, she’s not going to be your only friend.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.41.43 PM

[From College Niche]

Above all, sharing a room with someone, especially if you haven’t shared a room for the past 18 years of your life, is going to be a challenge. Many seniors took this extra step to familiarize themselves with their new friend and roommate. Other seniors chose to take the risk of doing random rooming assignments. Either way, we are all waiting anxiously to meet our new roomie.

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  1. This January I will be moving out of my country and the only thing that worries me is finding a roommate who is more or less like me . It scares me sometimes because not once in the 21 years of my existence have I ever stayed with people apart from my family :’D

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