International student and model: Morgan Venn

Part-time student, part-time model Morgan Venn just recently filmed a video campaign for Charles Keith, Gardens by the Bay, and traveled to Paris during Paris Fashion Week. Those are just few of the many jobs she’s had since she started her modeling career. Throughout the school year, she’s always busy getting scouted in Singapore or traveling to Europe for high end fashion shows. As an international model, not just an international student, Morgan shares her insights of her bicultural modeling career.

The Eye: Are you a runway model, commercial model, or catalog/editorial model?

Morgan: All. I’ve done runways, photoshoots, and commercials in the past. But usually, I prefer runways and photoshoots. Even though runways can be fast paced and chaotic, I find them exciting. I get a rush when I walk. It’s like a surge of emotion that washes over me just as I’m about to walk out.

The Eye: What brands have you modeled for?

Morgan: In the past I’ve walked for Charles and Keith, Chanel, Georges Chakra (Paris), Victoria Beckham, Ralph Lauren and various Singaporean local brands.

I also recently did an advertisement for “Gardens By the Bay Smile Emoticon.


The Eye: Do you go overseas often for modelling?

Morgan: With the beginning of junior year, I started traveling during school vacations for modeling. In the summer I spent two months in Paris, where my second modeling agency is, and this summer I plan on going to Japan for another two month placement.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.56.44 PM
Morgan Venn for “Piece of Red” Editorial by Nino Yap


The Eye: How is modeling in Europe different than in Asia?

Morgan: Modeling in Paris was definitely way more exciting than modeling in Singapore because I truly got to grow as a person. I feel as if I gained a deeper sense of maturity, as I had to live and navigate Paris by myself. The big downside, however, is this overpowering stress of having to maintain certain “measurements” and being told I had to stay skinny to get jobs. I wouldn’t say that I exactly developed an eating disorder, but I had a period where I worried about what and how much I ate. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as eventually I grew to eat healthier and keep up with exercise routines, but it definitely caused me unnecessary stress.

Singapore, on the other hand, is way less stressful. Since I’ve been based here for a while, I have clients that book me throughout the year, so I never really worry about getting jobs. The only downside is there’s not much time for me to attend castings while I’m in school.

The Eye: As a model, I’m sure you really have to get used to seeing yourself in public through ads or catalogs/editorials. How do you feel seeing them?

Morgan: This might sound super narcissistic, but I enjoy getting back my pictures. I never feel like it’s actually me in the photographs, so it’s always a surprise when I see the final product.

The Eye: How much of an impact does your personal social media have an influence on your image as a model?

Morgan: Social media definitely plays a huge role in my modeling career. My agency encourages me to post frequently on Instagram so I can “get more followers” and “be scouted” which has actually worked in the past. I’ve gotten three photoshoots through Instagram which isn’t a lot, but I hope to get more by increasing my social media activities.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.38.50 pm.png


The Eye: Why do you enjoy modeling?

Morgan: It’s hard to exactly explain why I enjoy modeling. Ever since I was about 13 years old, it was a dream of mine. It’s not like I looked up to any famous models or anything, I just thought it was super interesting. Mostly, I enjoy modelling because it gives me a chance to express myself. I can be myself, act quirky, which as strange as this sounds, is the best way to get jobs.

The Eye:What are your future plans for modelling?

Morgan: I’m either planning on taking a gap year before college if I’m still really into it, or I’ll do it on the side while in college.

Author: Kelly Chung

An avid photographer, a foodie, fitness enthusiast and a Friends fangirl, Kelly is a new Eye reporter this year. She’s been in Singapore since 2004 and at SAS since 6th grade. Now as a senior, she continues embracing her love for touch rugby and exploring hidden gems of Singapore. Kelly can be contacted at

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