Broadway at SAS

Lined up from the shortest to the tallest person on the aisles of the Drama theater, the Chanterie and Chorale members kick their right legs then left, and march down the stairs to the beat of “Broadway Baby.” Dressed in black, 71 students will be walking in the drama theater, and for 13 of them, it will be their last performance at SAS.

On May 14, Chanterie, Chorale and the SAS Singers will perform many Broadway songs for the last choir concert of the year in the drama theater.

With over 40 songs, the SAS choir community celebrates over 100 years of Broadway, including many of the iconic songs of the early 20th century: “Memory” from Cats, “Give my Regards to Broadway” from Manhattan, “Do you hear the people sing” and many more.

Broadway in Manhattan. Creative Commons license

Senior Chihiro Vero, a member of Chanterie, has bittersweet feelings about this performance. “It is my last choir concert and as a four-year student in the choir program, it feels really surreal and sad that I’m not going to be part of next year’s concert and even be able to participate in this program next year.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.52.47 PM
Poster for the concert. Pic contributed by Nanette Devens.

Senior Maggie Bryan, who is also a member of Chanterie, is excited to finish her senior year with a Broadway Show.

“I am so thrilled to finish my last year at SAS by performing ‘Over 100 Years of Broadway Music’ for the last concert of 2016.”

Fiel Dimayacyac, a senior member of the second semester Chorale course, feels the same way. “I’m really excited because the show is packed with the best of what Broadway has to offer and has some pretty iconic movements.”

On the other hand, for the underclassmen and juniors, it is not as easy to say goodbye to the seniors. A member of the Chorale group, Migs Dimayacyac, knows he will miss performing with the seniors who have been a part of Chorale for a long time.

“I’m really going to miss the seniors because they always bring the best out of all of us. Whether it’s their dedication that inspires us to be like them or their responsible nature to get us through the year, I feel very lucky to be able to spend one last concert with them.”

Freshmen Teagan Mountcastle, a member of Chorale, talked about how big of an impact seniors had in the class this year. “I’d say that working with the seniors was really beneficial because they set such good examples for the underclassmen musically and otherwise.”

Junior Lucia Garcia Velasco who is currently in Chorale, is also excited for the upcoming performance. “This concert is definitely stepping out of its comfort zone in terms of what a choir typically performs. It’s adding elements, such as dance and musical theater, that are turning this concert into an inter-disciplinary production. In my opinion, this will elevate our interaction with the audience and ourselves.”

Matthew Cho, a junior member in the SAS Singers, is sad yet excited for the seniors who will be moving on. “Although this was my first year in the SAS Singers, I learned so much in terms of music, such as music reading from the seniors in our group. I am deeply concerned that the people who are the cornerstones of this group are leaving, but I also hope that they can pursue their dreams in the bigger world.”

Sophomore Ana Vrbanic, member of Chanterie, is sad to think that this concert will be the seniors’ last performance of the year. “As my first year here, it was so scary moving to a such a big school without knowing anyone. Chanterie has made my experience so much better, and it’s been a privilege singing with the seniors. Every one of them is kind and so much fun to work with, and it really saddens me to think that this is their last performance at SAS. They will be missed.”

As sad as it is for the seniors departing for a new start, this concert is the final show for the year and will definitely be worth watching. We hope to see you on Broadway on May 14.

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