Things only Snapchatters can relate to

Nowadays, Snapchat is the social media of choice for teenagers all over, and SAS is no exception. Almost every student, from freshmen to seniors, have this photo app, which allows you to send second-long pictures, view “stories,” and read articles from Cosmopolitan, People, Buzzfeed, and more. Snapchat has quickly evolved from the introduction of “stories” to geotags to Snapchat filters. Here is a list of things that only avid Snapchat users can relate to:

The dogs of Snapchat

We all know that one person who solely uses Snapchat to send an excess of dog filtered Snaps to everyone on their best friends and recents list. However, the overuse of this dog filter is understandable – the filter is able to smooth and transform your skin back to what it was in the prepubescent days.

Realizing you actually weren’t special

Juniors Alexandrine Lawrie and Natalie Chassagne

One of the worst moments in the life of a Snapchatter is getting really excited when a special someone Snapchats you, but then later realize it was actually a mass Snap. It really is heartbreaking when you brag to your friends that he finally Snapchatted you, but then they say they got the same Snapchat as well.

When your only friend is Team Snapchat

It’s Friday night, you’re home alone and bored out of your mind, when your phone suddenly buzzes! The thrill of finally getting a notification excites you as you quickly check your phone screen. Nothing is more disappointing than seeing that your only notifications are from Schoology and… Team Snapchat.

When your hot Snap story is about to expire and he still hasn’t seen it

Senior Nicole Junkevits and junior Shane O’Keefe

Posting a Snapchat story that will be viewed by possibly more than a hundred people can be stressful. What’s more stressful is posting a hot Snapchat story, because these typically have a specific viewing target. The most stressful of all, however, is when he or she doesn’t view this hot Snap story and time is running out. Every avid Snapchatter knows the feeling when your mission to impress does not succeed in the allotted 24 hours.

Evaluating how good you look based on the seconds

Junior Charlotte Reimer

Everyone has their good and bad days, and the self-evaluation of your overall appearance is tested based on how many seconds you allot to your Snapchat. In an unofficial scale, 1-3 seconds is reserved for those really ugly days, 4-6 is mediocre, 7-9 is hotter than average, and the golden 10 seconds is for those days you seriously contemplate auditioning for Basic Models.

Those people with Snap stories that document every detail of their life

Everyone knows that person who’s Snapchat story aesthetic is having it last at least 200 seconds. Honestly, after ten minutes and a sore thumb from going through their entire story, you could probably write their biography from all the information you have obtained about their daily life.

AP Snapchat Art

There are those people that don’t know where the emoji keyboard is, and then there are those that could go to CulCon solely through their Snapchat artistic ability.

Only a few possess the patience, skill, and determination to create a Snapchat masterpiece, such as these thoughtfully illustrated by junior Zoe Adamopoulos.

Losing your Snap streak and feeling like you lost a child

The only number more important than the GPA listed at the bottom of PowerSchool is that number next to the fire emoji. This number, known as a Snap streak, indicates how many days in a row you have consistently snapped that particular person. Like the blood, sweat, and tears needed to raise your GPA number, the same amount of effort and dedication must go into raising your Snap streak number. Consequently, the feeling of a lost long streak is approximately equivalent to the feeling of failing any AP exam. Unfortunately, many SAS students were subject to these feelings of depression during Interim, when the disconnection from WiFi only resulted in the destruction of this personal Snapchat empire.

Junior Miranda Schot

Mom added you as a friend!

This is potentially the worst thing to pop up on a Snapchat user’s phone screen. Soon your “bar hopping all night!” and “skipping school!” Snapchat stories become “reading the Bible for the fourth time today #Jesus” and “no place I would rather be than AP Calculus!” Your Snapchat stories become less about documenting your wild partying adventures, and more about documenting how many times you water the plants in your mom’s garden.

Showcasing your ugly side to the wrong person

Downloading Snapchat means having high levels of responsibility, since using Snapchat comes with potential risks that may ruin your entire life forever. An example of this would be accidentally sending the wrong Snap to the wrong person. And by the “wrong Snap,” this includes the grossest pictures only reserved for your best friends and that one guy you’re trying to convince to stop hitting on you. It is safe to say that if you send a pimple/sweaty/pimple-and-sweaty Snap to your crush, your life on social media is basically over.

Destroying your ego when opening the front camera

Senior HK Kang

Even the plethora of cocky SAS students get a hit to their ego at one point or another, and this can be achieved by accidentally opening the front camera on Snapchat. The feeling of shock experienced by realizing how much potential you have to be ugly really cannot be compared to anything else. After all, the key to looking good on Snapchat are the strategic angles – ones that do not include your double chins filling up half of your camera screen.

When your square to arrow ratio is severely unbalanced

The square means you have opened the Snap and not replied, while the arrow means that the other person has opened and not replied. Ideally, you should have an equal mix of both. Sometimes, however, you may find yourself reconsidering who your true friends really are as you stare at an arrow-filled screen.

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Author: Namrata Ray

This is Namrata’s second year on the Eye! Currently a senior, she’s better known as Nimi and is originally from Dallas, Texas. This is her fourth year at SAS and in Singapore. She enjoys playing tennis and eating chocolate lava cakes. Namrata can be contacted at

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