100 Word Rant: Finding the middle ground in the 2016 elections

100wordAll throughout this school, I’ve seen the political battle lines drawn: Bernie vs Hilary, Democrat vs Republican, and moderate Republican vs Trump or Cruz. With all of this insanity coursing through our political discourse, I have to wonder where our moderates are. Where are the political and social centrists who would like to see a little bit of realism in Sanders’ economics? Where are the centrists who have a genuine dilemma between Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Where are the centrists who are probably decrying the failure of the Republican center to the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump? I either want to rant about this, or I want The Eye to find these people like me, who simply want a sane and rational discourse on politics without the wide-eyed idealism of Bernie Sanders, the evangelical sexism of Ted Cruz, or the non-evangelical… confusion that is Donald Trump’s entire platform. I’ve read plenty of The Eye’s far-right op-eds; I just want a fresh perspective. So please, find someone who’s as far to the left of the political spectrum as the op-eds are on the right; and find the normal, conflicted people, who know that this is a difficult election and want to be able to discuss it without stumbling into a minefield.

Submitted by Arjun Joshi

Editors’ Response:

Thank you for your letter. We definitely try to balance the reporting on The Eye while also respecting individual student’s voices.  That is why we had two opinion articles about Donald Trump published at the same time: one in favor of Trump as a presidential candidate and one vehemently opposed. We have also recorded vox pops that give voice to all students who want to share their opinions on the upcoming elections. In addition, it would be our pleasure to publish a letter to the editor from you on your centrist perspective on this election.

Author: The Eye

The online news and opinions site of Singapore American School's High School division, published for the students and by the students.

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