Senior sadness: 30-day countdown

For students, there are only 30 days until summer. But for seniors, this day marks the countdown until graduation and the end of a high school career. Before they bid their farewells, a few seniors reminisce on their most valued high school memories.

Caitlin Loi

The last hour of IASAS swimming.

“For two years now I’ve swum the relay, which is the very last event at IASAS. And after that we go straight into this pool party, and it’s just really fun. And I did the cowbell thing this year, and it was at home. There’s a specific beat to it, so you do the beat and everyone says ‘I, A, S, A, S’. It’s something that they’ve been doing for six or seven years now. It’s just… it’s fun. It’s a really fun moment.”


Joshua Graves


“Mrs. Maher, Mrs. McCarthy. But also Mr. Zitur, and Huang Lao Shi, and Bai Lao Shi. Yeah, I think saying goodbye to the teachers is probably the hardest part. One good memory I have was with Mr. Page on interim in Switzerland. A sort of impromptu snowball fight broke out and I lobbed one into a group of people. He said something like, ‘That wasn’t very nice.’ And I told him it was an experiment with 2D motion that I learned in class, and he laughed. It was something small, but it was nice to be able to relate a joke from class.”



Craig Dudsak


“To me, my friends kinda make me who I am. And like I think if you surround yourself with good people you become a better person. So I’m gonna miss them all supporting me…”



Hannes Herrel

Childhood friends.

“You get to see how they grow up since primary school, and how they change even when your group stays together. It’s really nice. You can look back at old memories. Instead of saying ‘oh last year this…’ or ‘last year that…’, you can say ‘remember the second grade on the soccer team…’ or ‘in fourth grade on the football team…’ So it’s like another dimension of trust, and a stronger relationship than you would have with someone you just meet in college.”



Mehr Aziz

Security and comfort.

“I’ll mostly miss the security and comfort high school offers – the close relationships between students and faculty, of the shared experience you have with your peers, and of the dependable schedule. There’s relatively no uncertainty of what high school will be like, and I’ll miss that sense of comfort.”



Philip Jung


“I think I’ll miss Interim most. And ABG (Asian boy group).”



Priya Baichoo


“I think coming back to the same place every day… It’s like having a home. This is one thing that’s constant in your life. Sitting at the same table, seeing your friends, teachers. Your routine is the same.”



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