Why I support Donald Trump

Before I begin, I must say what I always say when people ask me if I support Donald Trump: “Although I do not support all of Donald Trump’s plans, such as his temporary ban on Muslims, I agree with most of his policies and qualities such as immigration and tax reform and his business background.”

The Mexican border - Creative Commons license
The Mexican border – Creative Commons license

First, I support Donald Trump’s plan to solve the problem of illegal immigration. His current solution is to build a wall. A question posed by many liberals about the wall is this, “How would Donald Trump build a wall between us and Mexico while also making the Mexican government pay for it?” As stated on Trump’s official policy site, “The United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats, increase fees on all border crossing cards….and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico.

Donald Trump's tax plan - photo from the Donald Trump website
Donald Trump’s tax plan. Screenshot from the Donald Trump website

Another reason why I support Donald Trump is because of his plans on tax reform. Some liberals say that Donald Trump would be bad for poor people because he is a businessman and would use his presidency to further large businesses. But in reality, that is false. His stance on tax reform seems to be quite populist if you take a look at it. He proposes that single filers who earn $25,000 or less and married filers who earn $50,000 get a 0% income tax. It increases all the way to $150,000 salary level, at which point single filers must pay 25% in income tax. The current tax code is too complicated, more specifically it is about 70,000 pages and is full of loopholes that the rich use to pay less in taxes. Donald Trump wants to simplify the tax code, and as said on the Trump website, Reducing or eliminating most deductions and loopholes available to the very rich.”

Donald Trump speaking - Creative Commons license
Donald Trump speaking – Creative Commons license

Another thing that people who are against Trump tell me is that he is unqualified to be president; however, I think having a businessman in the White House would be great. Firstly, in business you don’t have term limits that senators and Congress members have, you have to do things as they’re happening and not wait until it’s your last year in office. If Trump had the mentality of a politician, he wouldn’t have made the millions of dollars he did. He is also very good at making deals, and I think that as President, making deals would be extremely useful at a time like this, where Congress is extremely ineffective. I think that Donald Trump will be able to make deals with Democrats and Republicans, which will make our government better than it is now.

I also like Donald Trump because of the way he is financing his campaign. All of the candidates running in the Republican Party – except Trump – are receiving sizeable contributions from PACs (Political Action Committees) and donations which are mostly from large wealthy corporations. Trump is self-funding his campaign, which shows how he is not “owned” by anyone and therefore Trump will not “owe favors” to these large corporations, unlike Hillary Clinton whose donors consist of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citigroup and many more.

There are misconceptions about Trump and his policies that may turn people away from supporting him. I want to address a claim by liberals against Trump which is, “Donald Trump hates all Mexicans.” If you watch his full speech and not the edited version, you can see that he fully supports legal immigration, but opposes illegal immigration. Although his choice of words for describing the illegal immigrants may be a little off, his point is still correct: illegal immigration is a big problem in the United States and needs to be solved.

The crowds Trump draws - Creative Commons license
The crowds Trump draws – Creative Commons license

Lastly, people also have to realize that you can’t just call Trump supporters “stupid people” or “idiots” as it seems very narrow minded and generalizes a huge group of people. It has come to a point where Trump supporters now just seem like a joke on the Internet and people have even come to me and said, “You have no morals” because I support Trump. People who support Trump actually have valid grievances, they are tired of the corruption happening in Washington and want someone who is not corrupted by the money in Washington.

Trump is most likely to win the Republican nomination as he currently has the most number of delegates, although the Republican establishment tries to downplay the amount of support Trump has. So as a Trump supporter, I am ready for Donald J Trump to make America great again!

Author: Kai Suherwan

Kai Suherwan is a Junior and his second year writing for The Eye. He is seen as the Republican/Conservative writer in The Eye and has been at SAS since 7th grade. He is heavily involved in Republican politics, enjoys discussing current events and hopes to work in the field foreign affairs one day. He can be contacted at: Suherwan45031@sas.edu.sg

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